A tabloid reveals the date of Eminem’s marriage with Kim

*Eminem’s grandmother’s name Betty KRESIN, is misspelled in the article*
LATEST: Rapper EMINEM is making good on his promise to reunite with his ex-wife KIM MATHERS – the couple are planning to exchange vows again on 14 January (06).
American tabloid the Star has obtained the official wedding invitation which Eminem sent out to family and friends over Christmas (05) after revealing in a radio interview that he and his ex had reconciled.
In the invite, the STAN hitmaker states, “This day I will marry my best friend, the one I laugh with, live for, love.”
He then invites his friends and family to attend the wedding of KIMBERLEY ANNE MATHERS and MARSHALL BRUCE MATHERS III (Eminem’s real name) on 14 January at 5pm.
The couple have started living together with their daughter HAILIE, Kim’s niece ALAINA and her daughter from a former relationship, WHITNEY, who Eminem has legally adopted.
Eminem wed Kim in 1999 when his career was beginning to take off but he filed for divorce just 14 months later. The couple finally divorced in 2001.
But the news of a reconciliation hasn’t delighted everyone in Eminem’s family – his outspoken grandmother BETTY KRESLIN is far from happy.
She says, “He needs to think twice about marrying her again, or at least get a pre-nup this time around.”

12 thoughts on “A tabloid reveals the date of Eminem’s marriage with Kim”

  1. I wish Em&Kim happyness.I always whanted to see them together.I know that almost everybody hate her,but I really love her becouse she’s Hailie’s mother.And I know that Eminem loves her.I love Hailie,Whitney,Alaina,Kim and of course Marshall.And I wish them all very long and happy life.

  2. Isabelle, if u ever meet Marshal tell him not 2 marry n’ devorse all the time…
    im kind of scared that that is gonna happen. I mean it is a hate love thing… Marshal is a better dad 2 Hailie then both of my parents are 2 me. Because of my mums n’ dads devorse i kind of know how Hailie felt. worse is that the new family argue every night. theres no way i can help. my mum is a leo n’ she seeks 4 trouble…
    It would be better if Marshal n’ kim didn’ do that so Hailie would have a better life.
    Im sorry about my comments in the other article n’ i know that was really stupid of mysekf. I guess i was completly nuts that time.
    Now because Eminem might go ill try 2 control myself even more. Try not 2 be that crazy. Hes songs arent so crazy that i have 2 get crazy.
    Im sorry 🙁
    I never hated kim. 2 be Honest i never hated anyone. it’s all a pretend. I’ve gotta change n’ take care of myself.
    Best wishes 2 Marshal, Kim, Hailie, Alaina n’ Whitney.

  3. Toly, think twice: who am I to give Eminem directions about his life and privacy? I am just a fan…I have no right to do this.
    When i will meet him, i will discuss the music, not his privacy. His privacy is none of my bizz.

  4. I just wish MarshaLL, Hailie and the others a happy future.
    I dont hate Kim. cuz she is Hailie’s mother. And she is a human and like everyone she can make mistakes.
    Kim and Marshall can marry and divorce 50 times or not. nobody can say smthng or judge them.cuz it’s their lives. But I think the importance of this must be reality, love and of course faithfulness.AREN’T I RIGHT Isabelle?

  5. You lot need to get a life. Ok, hes a great guy and I think he’s hilarious but saying you love him and getting all cheesey about his family is too far.
    One message is saying we shouldn’t pry on his personal life, the other is barking on about his daughters.
    Grow up and get your own dreams rather than living on someone else’s, that way you will be much happier.

  6. Toly, i read your comment n’ i wanna tell u somethin’:
    U don’ worry about theyre problems as long as u cant help. They have to sort it out theyre self. instead try to help your problems before they go out of hand. Not your mum n’ dad but the new family. There IS something u can do. ofcourse it would be better if they would stay together forever from now on but its his life n’ he does what he wants with it. By the way, dont fuck with shady coz hel kill you…
    I think that the problem with you is that you make a mistake, say sorry n’ then make another. Ive met ppl with that problem n’ i don’ like them much. U can try n’ get rid of that problem (another thing you can help YOURSELF with)
    And the thing about pretending to hate ppl is allsow not good. a wonderful way to get enemys n’ lose all your friends.if u wanna do that then ofcourse! im not giving orders to anyone!
    I hope that the 3 girls will live well n’ that they all will be happy!
    And i wish you all, everyone, a Happy New Year’s Eve!

  7. Stacey, I didnt get to read your comment before, the site didnt show it.
    How about we all imagine they do have a happy life n’ if they do devorse aigan, hope it was for the best?
    Do you think that hoping is too far?
    Just checking out. I like to be sure of things…:D

  8. God im so embarresed…. the whole world can see this…
    I am so so sorry!!!
    Ill try to fix my problems enstead of others.

  9. im happy for them but i wish he’d rethink this soon
    hey marshall wheres my invataion i thought we where friends !!!!!

  10. Hey im so happy for them because they named their oldest daugthter hailie not cuz that is my name cuz im like 3or 4 yrs older but cuz they seem happy and Hailie and Whitney needed their daddy back and Alaina (laine) needed her uncle back.

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