Hip Hop teaches you about real life fights

Many people only see hip hop culture’s negative sides. Intentionally ignoring its positive sides and accomplishments , they claim that too much violence is involved in ghetto culture.
However, an attentive observer of an emcee’s attitude will acknowledge that many real life lessons can be learnt through his words, gesture and attitude.
Conceited people refuse to see that harsh living conditions can even prepare you better to face the world with more pugnacity.
Not only does an emcee describe the roughness of the ghetto, he also teaches people to challenge themselves and to battle their enemies with the fighting spirit of a winner.
Words become powerful creations into an emcee’s mouth. They explode like a deadful weapon that would discourage any assailant.
Emceeing teaches self confidence and courage. The world of lyrical battles is very similar to what we might experience in real life.
Some of our enemies need to get punched verbally until they definitely leave us alone.
Annihilating them through powerful punch lines might have a better effect than any physical fight.
The «  I fear no man » attitude is really the best attitude you could get. Don’t fear people and don’t give them any kind of power that would allow them to harm you or to weaken you- at least mentally.
The second valuable point about an emcee’s attitude is the solid determination he shows through the years while trying to reach the top.
He goes through perpetual storms and comes out of them stronger than ever. Determined as always. If he temporary fails at his task, his creative mind comes up with thousands of new ideas and concepts.
Never afraid to break closed doors or to force some entries, the true emcee is a model for a whole generation.
Show some attitude, never give up on anything, don’t care about what people say, believe in your good star and I promise you you will make it real BIG. No matter how long it will take, those are the keys to success.
Observe true hip hop soldiers and you will learn some valuable life lessons.

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  1. I am going to have my grandmother read that. She is very critical of hip-hop music and she doesn’t believe in what the artists say. Maybe this will help her see a different side to the music.

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