Mr Fernandez, a rapper from Ann Arbor, Michigan, with the Spanish flavor

He looks like a bully who is ready to smash his enemies’ brains in. Not only is Mr Fernandez impressing physically, the Michigan emcee has some real good hip hop to offer to his listeners.
Signed to MFR Records, an indie label, Mr Fernandez released a CD in 2005, Forced Entry.
Mr Fernandez ‘ my space account will allow his listeners to discover four exclusive tracks.
Many people have no idea about how it is actually hard to become an artist. Years of hard work and sweat in the shadow, nearly zero recognition, and you still gotta pay your bills and feed your family before the world decides to give you what you earned the hard way.
Like Mc Hush expressed it very well on his Bulletproof CD: « If I wasn’t gonna make it, I ‘ll have to go and take it. »
Sometimes you have to be that harsh and courageous to force the entry.
Mr Fernandez’ Forced Entry song draws the fight very well.
Light drums sounds nicely introduce you into an emcee’s fight. It’s been a long time coming, but he finally made it. Forced Entry. Mr Fernandez can see the light through the broken door. Hammering keyboard sounds describe the hard struggle of a hip hop soldier who destroys his enemies verbally, leaving them wounded with no mercy.
A nice flow delivery mixed up with some sharp wordplays make a conqueror of Mr Fernandez.
Another nice and rhythmic song, Period featuring Nate The Great will allow you to taste Mr Fernandez’ amazing skills.
Enjoy Mr Fernandez’ freestyling abilities and clever wordplays and put the catchy song on your favorite list, because it is really worth it. Enjoy both men’s rapid duo and wordplays.
On Rotation is representative of Mr Fernandez’ offensiveness and will to take over the hip hop scene. Nice beats and nice instrumentals and very lyrical track aimed at true hip hop lovers.
How does Mr Fernandez sound and how do I feel about his music?
He said it himself: « like real hip hop » and believe me it is actually true. The emcee of Spanish heritage can spit and flow. He manages to combine good beats with numerous wordplays and a nice flow delivery. He is the kind of artist who could barely leave you indifferent, because he has some real talent.
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