High time to discover Paradime, your partner in rhyme crime

Paradime aka Freddie Beauregard is no new comer to the Detroit scene.
He’s white and he comes from Livonia, a white Detroit suburb. Some people will be tempted to complain about those details (oh no, not another white rapper…he’s from the suburbs, what the fuck???), but please slow down: I am talking about talent, not about skin color and I don’t care about an emcee’s place of origin, as long as he can rap.
Back in the days of the hip hop shop, Paradime used to kill mics while participating to rap battles. Many people refer to him as the « microphone bully »:
« I was up at the Hip Hop Shop, and all those old school battles – the ones 8 Mile glamorized the shit out of. It’s a big community, either you in or you’re not. It’s like a fraternity, and I got a good position where all of these cats are down to help me out. Any enemies that I got, nobody’s ever heard of. Everybody that matters is on my team out here. »
Besides Paradime’s love for the rhyme, the rapper is also proud of his Irish heritage. Drinking is part of the culture he grew in and it is also reflected in his music:
« I was a smart ass in school, I’m an Irish, Catholic kid, my family drinks. It’s in my nature to be a sort of a bar brawler! There’s a sense of humor to everything that I do. It could be the deepest, ruthless, wildest song, but I’m probably gonna say something smartass or funny in it too. »
Paradime has collaborated with many Detroit talents, not only gifted emcees like D12 and MC Hush, but also local rockers like Uncle Kracker and Detroit legend Kid Rock.
Paradime has learnt a lot from Kid Rock‘s experience, as he points it out:
« The number one thing I’ve learned from Kid Rock is the importance of a stage show. »
How does Paradime sound?
Paradime is an original mixture of self derision ( as expressed in his salsa sounding song, Mr Dime ) combined with an inch of arrogance.
Mr Dime is a bottler and he is proud of it. Meet him at a party . Enjoy him rapping the hot party and describing the shroom swallowing atmosphere.
Mad rhythms, wordplays and « microphone bullying » are part of paradime’s universe.
I recommend you Paradime’s Better Days video that is available on his official website.
Many other Paradime songs like Broke ( co produced with Hush) and Skull therapy 2002 featuring Kon Artis and Swifty are really worth your interest.
Discover Paradime, a Detroit emcee who loves doing his job, here.