Eminem impersonator murder charge

A BRITISH Eminem impersonator faces life in prison after admitting the murder of a beautiful law student who idolised him.
Christopher Duncan dressed like the American rapper and had the same tattoos, including two naked women on his chest.
Jagdip Najran, 26, told her friend her heart was “aflutter” at the thought of seeing him performing at a karaoke night.
But when she went to his flat that night, he battered her over the head with an iron baseball bat and stuffed her unconscious into a suitcase.
Duncan, 21, pleaded guilty to murder at the Old Bailey.
He faces a possible mandatory life sentence. Judge David Paget remanded him in custody.

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  1. On va quand même pas l’accuser nan!! Sa recommence!! C vraiment débile… C pas parce qu’il s’habillait pareil et qu’il en était fan qu’Eminem est responsable. S’il était déjà pas bien ds sa tête, fallait qu’on le fasse soigner!!!! C révoltant!

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