Lord Raven/ song reviews

Global rating of the songs: 3.75 stars
Lord Raven is a hip hop artist from Connecticut. Signed to an indie label, Blackbird Entertainment, Lord Raven released his Fire Nation volume I mixtape.
Lord Raven offers his listeners the possibility to listen to four of his tracks on his my space account.
I bet many of you are very curious to know how Lord Raven actually sounds. Quoting his own words: « like something new ». Lord Raven melts soft soul and R’n’B sounds and raw hip hop sounds together, which generates a bittersweet chocolate taste effect into the listener’s ears.
Lord Raven’s first track ,Geni In The Sky, allies a very soft chorus with some harsh words. The song reminds you that life is hard, but you gotta learn how to fly and escape to your situation-at least mentally. While violins and soft vocals gently introduce the song, rapid drum sounds will make you feel the dramatic dimension of the song. Ghetto life is rough. Picture yourself into the shoes of young thugs selling drugs to make a living. No jobs available, corruption is everywhere, but you gotta make it. Not only does the song mention the harshness of ghetto life, but it also pays tribute to hip hop’s fallen soldiers.
To all the hopeless people, Lord Raven draws a piece of blue sky. You can make it if you try. But you must try first and learn how to fly. Don’t give up your dreams. Regardless of the ugliness of your daily life, rare to dream and struggle until you reach your goals. A brighter tomorrow is knocking at your door.
A very moving and deep song that will touch the listeners’ heart.
Dreaming, the second track, also starts softly. Welcome to Lord Raven’s world. All day’s life in the hood is closer to a nightmare than to a beautiful dream. Many people lose their lives on a daily basis. Anybody needs to dream and to believe. Dreaming is a moving prayer for heartbroken people.
Easy Teflon featuring Young Lord is a rhythmic track and also an invitation to chill.
Picture two people dating each other. Love is in the air and glasses are filled with Hennessey. The third song’s light note contrasts with the preceding ones’ dark themes.
How many listeners wish music coming from the heart? Soul Music featuring Young Lord start on very soft piano, drums and keyboard songs.
Soul Music is a wonderful prayer addressed to God where Lord Raven pours his heart out and expresses the hell he is going through.
While the soft notes penetrate into your ears, the words make you feel the depth of the pain. Music is a wonderful way to express the feelings that are bottled deep inside of us. The beautiful and moving Soul Music song probably won’t leave you indifferent.
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