Mutha/ Trashed In Detroit EP review

Rating: 4 stars
Mutha, the CEO of Margate Records, has released his Trashed in Detroit EP.
Today you will discover something new in Detroit rap: it is called trash rap.
If you want to understand the spirit of trash rap, you gotta understand how an artist who goes through the most difficult life situations manages to use them to his greatest advantage.
I have learnt from a fellow blogger, Scott, that it is always very useful to do our best wherever we are. This is even the best way to see doors open (spiritually speaking) faster and unexpected blessings come to you. Once I was complaining about the place where I live and even posted a pic of my horrible building. Scott taught me that the best way to advance was to use my willpower and to work the best I could where I am, and to forget about complaining.
In fact, this very spiritual blogger opened my eyes in so many ways. I have understood that even the dirt, the lack of comfort, the noise, the insecurity, the crazy neighbors, literally anything usually viewed as negative could be used to our greatest advantage. I am trying to do so as a writer and I know that this is exactly what Mutha is also trying to do in his Trashed In Detroit EP.
While the subject matter seems to be dark and dirty, Mutha uses his talent and the dirty elements that are at his disposition to come up with a brand new rapping style. The listener will certainly be impressed with Mutha’s rapid flow delivery.
So what makes Mutha’s Trashed In Detroit EP CD so much interesting?
Mutha comes up with an original style and describes the dirtiness and harshness of the living conditions from an unsigned emcee’s point of view.
Here We Go introduces the CD. Rhythmic drums and keyboard heartbeats alike sounds will allow you to step into Mutha’s universe.
The speedy words he spits on his mic perfectly reflect an aspiring emcee’s fight. Mutha is in the house, ready to take over with his mic.
Catchy beats, tight rhymes and a solid sense of humor make Get Trashed, the second track of the album, very enjoyable.
« This is my definition, I got a ambition can I get your permission to be a musician?» is just the beginning of a storm of words brought to you by Mutha with a very nice flow delivery.
Come taste a real nice trash rap while listening to The Hitman. Just sit back and relax as the words invade your space and move your head while the beat kicks as a invite to rock on the track.
The hitman, the man who gets trained to kill people and who makes a living out of his dirty business is talking on this murderous track.
If you want to test him, you might meet him in hell.
Drunk All Day And Night, track Nr 6 nicely introduces you into a bar while the piano plays remind you of the inside dramas of many alcoholics.
Mutha’s CD is a piece of poignant ghetto reality that he manages to describe with an amazing sense of reality.
The ugly is told with very descriptive words and a good sense of humor.
Follow the fight of an unsigned emcee who blessed the mic with his rapid flow and well handled words.
The Detroit ghetto is fully represented in its harsh reality. Blunts, weapons, alcoholism, murderers, but also great lyricism are part of its landscape.
Mutha manages to create a special atmosphere while describing ghetto reality. Hip hop lovers will enjoy a CD that is made of good lyrics and very rhythmic tracks. Go discover the gifted emcee from the 313 here.