Eastwiq, a young New Jersey talent

EastWiq is a talent from New Jersey who will bring you back to the true meaning of the word hip hop . The 19 year old Andrew John Wickenheisser II aka Eastwiq puts his heart into his innovative and energetic style that you will find nowhere else.
Representing Montville, New Jersey, with pride, the young man defeats enemies and fake thugs quickly. Constantly challenging his opponents with confidence, sharp-worded, knifelike, Eastwiq uses words and syllables as surgical instruments.
His skillful performance will certainly hold your interest.
Eastwiq has recently released his Renegade EP and offers you the possibility to preview 4 tracks.
If I Died Tanite starts with a very joyful and entertaining melody, melting joy and pain. Clarinet notes combined with violins marry joy and pain in a very subtle manner.
Reflecting both elements, joy and pain, this very melodic track will probably remind some listeners of Jewish folk melodies.
How would you react if truth-spitter Eastwiq died tonight? Would you cry or rejoice? The energetic track is irresistible and got me hooked immediately.
Don’t get bend is introduced by rapid piano sounds, some rhythmic claps. Eastwiq manages to capture his listeners’ attention with words that flood heavily and abundantly.
Lyrically, Eastwiq’s work is impressing. No doubt that he has a high level of skills. Enjoy his wordplays while musicians fiddle.
Nice instrumentals, nice lyrics and a mastered flow delivery make the New Jersey Emcee very enjoyable.
Currently signed to Blast Media Music Management, Eastwiq belongs to the new generation of emcees who have some real hip hop to offer to their listeners. Open your ears and listen to Eastwiq here.