I’m addicted to writing…

I admit it: I have an addiction…to writing. Writing is as important as breathing to me. I write on a daily basis, not out of obligation, but because I like it. I must say that I have never feared « the blank page »: I am inspired, most of the time. I always find a subject that is of interest for me- and for my potential readers.
I am indeed a passionate person who writes with her emotions and feelings. What motivates me most in writing is music journalism.
Rap music in itself is my passion. Moreover, writing about the music I like creates an immense feeling of satisfaction into my mind.
You guessed it: music journalism is my dream job and I am determined to work for the music industry and get a real deal, because this is what I really wanna do.
Music journalism allows me to understand the artist and to penetrate into his mind. It allows me, through the music, the beats, the instrumentals and the artist’s voice to pen down the impressions, emotions and artistic message I have been living while listening to a track or a whole album.
I then have the wonderful opportunity to share those feelings and emotions with lots of people who share the same passion for the same kind or music or with other people who are very eager to discover the artist and his music.
Writing about music makes me feel good. I enjoy jamming on the different tracks I listen to. However, what I like most is to communicate my flame and enthusiasm to people who come across my articles.
I might find my whole pleasure in writing…but I am nothing without my readers. I am deeply convinced that the greatest pleasure is to get read and appreciated by my many readers.
Thanks to all of you, no matter who you are and where you come from: readers, you make my day!

10 thoughts on “I’m addicted to writing…”

  1. i always enjoy your thoughtful articles. you always have fresh stuff and quite often you are the first one i hear it from. 🙂

  2. I like to read and i enjoy to find this kind of witting that it is clear, deep and clever.
    It is not easy to get a good writting in this days. I think that it is like sport if you practise you ´ll be doing better and be aa professional.

  3. First, thankyou cause you made this website.
    Then i like the ending of this article
    ”no matter who you are and where you come from”
    In my school I dont have any friends and everyone calles me a bitch just because im Estonian. I hate it! It’s just stupid!
    And because i live in Spain i have only 5 friends in Estonia. Even worse?
    Anyway… Thank you for beang here.
    You have helped me a lot to discover more about Eminem. Not that i want to know everything but just that I woldnt be to stupid to be hes fan. Maybe You dont know what I mean but its ok cause I dont know either.:D

  4. Can i ask where you from?
    Some times Yuo whrite in this other language that in dont understand. What is it?
    Im just curios as usual.:D

  5. thanks to you all for reading and commenting…to Toly…thanks for your compliments about my website and article…yea discrimination can be hard, some people just get stupid when you’re different.
    To answer your question, I come from France…

  6. Listen up! This is not Eminem. I am a freelance music journalist who has a passion for Eminem’s music and hip hop in general. The purpose of this site is to support Eminem and to inform my readers about the man, his music and other hip hop artists.
    Asking for Em’s address, email or phone number is a waste of time. Anyway, do you really think Eminem would give his number out???
    Don’t stalk the man. His life is hard enough. Everybody is after him. He deserves to have a private life!

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