If I Get Locked Up Tonight Eminem featuring Dr Dre/song review

Rating:5 stars
If I Get Locked Up Tonight is one of Eminem’s underground jewels that belongs into any true fan’s library.
Violins introduce you into a track that is lead from the hand of a lyrical master. The instrumentals will let you guess the dramatic dimension of the song, but they are counterbalanced by the enthusiastic melody and rhythm that will follow just afterwards.
Dr Dre starts the song:
« Check Check, 1,2 , 1,2 1,2(it’s rolling)
Yea yea yea Dr. Dre up in here Y’all know what this is.
Its what y’all been waiting for Funk Master Flex, Big Kap,
Def Jam Records giving it to you baby.
Yo Eminem show these mother fuckers what time it is baby… »

Eminem lovers shouldn’t miss this less known Slim Shady track in collaboration with hip hop legend Dr Dre. Rhythmic beats and sounds are like an invitation to dance to Slim Shady’s story telling.
Eminem plays with words with an amazing verbal dexterity: you could barely stay indifferent to the lyrical master’s ability.
Slim Shady introduces you into his world made of ghetto tales and uses words like speedy bullets that will hit you hard of you’re unprepared.
You gotta love his funny-crazy style and the way he jungles with his words like the amazing lyrical genius he actually is.
I particularly liked verse I where Marshall Mathers jokes about his own condition and manages to mix up dramatic elements like Tupac’s death and hilarious elements. The astute mixing of sick-hilarious elements is combined with subtle wordplays:
“I used to be a lonely man, only mad, until I got a million dollars, shit
Now if i only had some fucking hair I’d pull it, faster than a bullet
Out of Tupac’s chest before the ambulance came too late to do it
I’m trying to grow it back again, it was an accident
I had my back against the fan and chopped it off in Amsterdam
I hate the straight jacket it ain’t latching, and can’t lock it
So they stapled my hand to my pants pockets
The cell’s padded and battered like someone else had it
Before me, and just kept throwing they fucking selfs at it
My head is aching, I’m dedicated to medication
But this med is taking to long to bring me this sedadation? (Come on!)
Anyway I got down with Dre (What up?)
The first man who taught me how the glock sounded to spray
Running up and down the street screaming, ‘Fuck the Police’
When you still had your mother’s fucking Nipple stuck in your teeth
(Fucking baby) Became a role model after Colorado
Now all they do is follow me around and holla Bravo!
Hell yea I punch my bitch and beat my kids in public
Suck my dick, bitch
I’m sick enough to fuck a man in his face but I won’t
Cause you’ll probably wanna stand in his place
So put a sock in it, with your fake-ass Tupac image
You faggots ain’t tough, you just get drunk and become talkative
(Wanna Fight?) I’m probably the akwardest alcoholic talking
Walking like a midget with a ladder in his back pocket
So when you see me on your block stumbling, mumbling
A bunch of dumb shit like my drunk uncle does
I ain’t buzzed, I’mm juss high on life
So why on earth would I need drugs, when I can fly on kites?
Motherfuckers, Slim Shady”

Verse 2 will make you feel the Slim Shady’s insane and crazy character with more intensity:
« The whole entire world can sit and twirl like a whirling tire
I set a fucking girl on fire with a curling iron (AHH!)
Psych I’m just joking, for christ sake
Dont get so bent out of shape
Cause I went out and raped six girlfriends
Some people just don’t get it, but I won’t let it upset me
Cause they don’t know better
They don’t know what the fuck its like to be so fed up
And fed so many uppers you’re down and won’t get up »

The mind of a rapist and of a bad drug addict are present to choke your vocal chords again. Slim Shady is here to embarrass you with his evil actions and he laughs in advance when he thinks about his mostly conservative opponents.
Hey, don’t dare to tell Em how to raise his daughter. He exactly knows what he does, because he makes a difference between reality and entertainment:
« Hailie Jade, daddy loves you baby,
Don’t ever tell me how to raise my daughter fuck you lady.. »

The last part of the song is aimed at the negative critics:
« You critics wanna criticize but couldn’t visualize
Individuals lives through a criminal’s eyes
The neighborhood that I grew up in you could die for nothing
And Dirty Dozen watches over me so try some dumb shit
I’ll have a fucking man raped with a band-aid over his mouth
And shove his head in the fan blade
Don’t ever tell me what I can and what I can’t say
Or change cause of the age range in my fan base
Like I give a fuck who’s buying this shit
Quit fucking buying it, I’m tired bitch, I’m dying to quit
Hip Hop is universal now, it’s all commercial now
It’s like a circle full of circus clowns up in the circuit now
But now the with the kids like it, so they tell me I can buy it
But as soon as I get on the mic it’s like the night get silent
Either that or booed, thats why I keep an attitude
And go to sleep with it and wake up with it every afternoon
I’m sick of being judged, fuck it let me see a judge
I’ll confess to every murder I committed since 3 years old … »

Listen to the criminal’s words: if he gets locked up tonight, he might not come home tonite…
With the great sense of humor that is typical to Eminem, the talented rapper addresses to his opponents and manages to make them look ridiculous. Don’t judge a man until you walked a mile into his shoes. Take a look at where Slim Shady comes from. And next time you will be tempted to criticize Eminem, take a look at his life story, try to envision yourself in the same situation. Also acknowledge the numerous accomplishments Eminem has made at only 33.
Eminem’s painful life story is also a big success story. The amazing lyricist has proven to the world that you can come from nothing and make it real big. Try to respect that instead of showing an inappropriate image of somebody who corrupts the youth.
Marshall Mathers is inspirational to many people, younger or older. They can look up to him as somebody who believed in his dreams and eventually made it.
Dr Dre closes the well handled song:
« Fuck that, turn that shit off
Let’s get the fuck out of here
You know how we do (echo) »

This well made song is a pretty good example of what Eminem and Dr Dre can do together. Funny, sick, crazy, full of creative lyrics and rhythmic beats, the song certainly deserves its 5 stars.

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