Artists, give yourselves the means to get noticed by the world!

This specific article is aimed at underground artists in particular.
Many underground artists have talent. Sometimes, they even sound better than many mainstream artists. Some of them artists are well known and even very much respected on their local scene.
Unfortunately, nobody gives a fuck about them-out of their hometown.
Sad to say, but many artists don’t take the time needed to think about their promotion.
Today I have listed several advices aimed at underground artists who struggle to make it in the harsh hip hop game:
– first of all, you gotta think twice before you choose your manager. You must find the right person, because the manager is the key person who can lead you to the top -or let you stay at a very low level (in case you chose the wrong one ).
Also, there must be a good chemistry between you and your manager. If you don’t feel the dude, simply don’t hire him.
-besides your manager, try to surround yourselves with the right persons who actually dig your music and who will take you to the next level with their enthusiasm and promotion.
– use the internet as a powerful promotion tool. Never forget that the internet will allow you to get noticed from the world rapidly. A well built website is determinant in your future success. I have visited so many artistic websites that were not made the right way.
If you have enough financial means and you‘re not really computer savvy , you can choose a professional to build up your website.
You can also choose servers that will allow you to build your website in a very simple way.
However, there is one detail you should not forget about: it is useless to have a professional looking website if your content is badly handled. Don’t forget that the person people want to hear about is you. It is always useful to include a personal biography besides your musical biography. Also, never neglect your discography: it is like your curriculum vitae. People are always curious to know about your work and artistic collaborations.
One frequent mistake is not to add any audio track to your website. That’s really disappointing when a visitor who came to explore your music doesn’t have access to your musical files.
Don’t spend your time complaining about your lack of success, rather don’t neglect details that can push you forward to the next level.
You have talent? Talent is something, but it ain’t everything. You gotta work out your marketing strategies if your want to give your music a real chance to get noticed.

6 thoughts on “Artists, give yourselves the means to get noticed by the world!”

  1. i am workin on my rap and i wanna be noticed
    it used to be the point wen my mom sed “thats good”
    to performing in my school talent shows
    to goin to the maury show
    jus doin what i do best!

  2. Hi im a bigfan of Eminem and Dr.Dre i am obsessed with you guys, i have just started rapping. im 14 and make my own lyrics up. everywhere i go i think and rhyme them and put them together.. here is what i got.
    Fuck another ryme, im bout to do some time, times up, do you hear the chimes? im exhausted, yeh man, i think ive lost it, ive tossed it, remember i used to boss it, but so much it costed, lost my famly and frends, so hot that im defrostd, its wasted, my life ive? lived detasted, i raced it, nevr paced it, only one thing in my mind, to write the sickest rhyme, man i seen the signs, but the mountain was just to high to climb, im a punture, man this rap it stunk your, brain must be lafin i fucked ya Ok I’m Sitting here evaluating my situation notice I’m a regular and deserve an invitation Give me VIP Access to this? pain reservation this I thought I would never be contemplating most people I know would wish for money but me I would wish for a better life cause I’m tired of this one it lost its spark walking wanderlesly around in the dark I gaze upon the stars and start counting I try to Pretend that every star is moving But mostly Pretend that every star is shooting

  3. Sean, that is really good !!!
    Remember me when you become famous!!! I know you will, you have a real talent xx

  4. A. As i sit here ventin this rage on this page
    as i sit locked and caged contemplative like sages
    I’m stuck in these places and racing the clock
    stay in the running to break from the flock
    or? might bust a glock at my head
    and I’m dead and theres red everywhere
    but I don’t care or give a half of a fuck
    I stay drunk and im high all the time
    all I can do is sit back i rhymem loosing my mind, its like running out of time, the walls are closing in, wat exactly do i do to escape this fucked up life, rip with the sicknesss hit em up the quickness silencers and no? witness this gift i have been given the gift of gab with women i make my own bad deccisons im sown like a stitch presicion starting my own shit rap religion dont hate cuz im top of my division close to the top so im now where near quitin so please stop that bitchin while workin the kitchen i dont work with them snitches they be snitchen im servin that shit thats make you feind and start itchen
    that i live in, and all the ppl? in it, its like one big ball of shit , wat do you do when theres no one to hold, and the nights are so cold, dat u have no choice but to smoke, escape this messed up world, and for a minute or two jus feel normal for a bit. -chillz

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