What is the fine line that separates a supportive fan from a sick Stan?

The question has been raised recently by one of my contacts and I think that it would be interesting to respond to it in detail.
I already know that this article will raise some controversy, but I don’t care. I am eventually getting used to it.
I myself have often been misquoted and misinterpreted as a huge and supportive Eminem fan and people have called me names without even knowing me. Some of you have called me « obsessed ». Let me tell you that I don’t care about what you think.
It is a matter of fact that I am a supportive fan and that I have explored Eminem’s life and music in depth as a biographer and a music journalist.
Marshall Mathers has actually changed my life through his music and attitude and I will always be grateful to him for that.
I am not gonna justify my passion for his music today. I love his music and if you have a problem with my musical taste, there is nothing I can do for you.
People who read my blog on a regular basis also know that I am not only about Eminem. I also define myself as a huge fan of the Detroit underground scene and as a hip hop fan in general.
I do listen to many different mainstream artists such as Cypress Hill, Ice T, Ice Cube , Nas etc…
Besides being a rap music lover, I am also a black music lover. I happen to enjoy soul music and blues in particular.
I am all about the music, as long as it pleases my ears. I don’t despise any musical genre. Like Detroit underground artist Odell Perry aka P Dog, I am and will stay open minded towards the music in general. If you listen to rap music carefully, you will also notice that many artists such as Xzibit and Ice Cube have found some inspiration in classical music.
You’d better think twice before calling me a « Stan ». My articles have been a positive contribution to your knowledge, they have explored Eminem’s oeuvre ad human side as well. Please remember that I never acted crazy nor did I state anything insane about Marshall Mathers.
He is somebody that I respect too much to act that way anyway.
However, I have seen so many crazy and sick behaviors around me. I have seen girls who stated that they were « cyber married » to Eminem, some others who argued that he was « theirs » and that they would marry him. So many « biggest fans » or should I say « biggest Stans » have crossed my road too.
I have seen a 43 year old woman make a total fool of herself recently- because of Eminem.
Some people have harassed me in order to get Eminem’s email and personal address and some others have even requested Kim or Debbie’s address. To the freaks who addressed me such crazy demands, let me tell you what: even if I had this personal info, I would never ever give it out.
So what is the difference between a supportive fan and a crazy fan?
I do consider that a respectful fan ought to respect Marshall Mathers as a person and not to invade his privacy. As I already stated it, crazy behaviors à la Stan make his life a living hell.
Eminem might be a public person, but he doesn’t owe you any explanation about his private matters and no, he is not « yours ». He is not your object nor is he your property. He makes some music for you and despite the fact he often gets personal in his tracks, he owes you no explanation about his relationship with Kim, for instance. So it is useless and ridiculous to insult a woman like Kim (yes, you don’t know her, should I repeat it once again?) and to consider her as your personal rival.
Behaviors begin to become totally sick when a fan gets crazy when Eminem doesn’t act the way he or she wanted to. When a fan becomes self destructive over Eminem and starts chasing him as he would hunt an animal, this nut fan certainly needs a therapy.
Of course, I would like to meet Eminem. However, never without his consent. Never if the price to pay is to become some mad stalker waiting at his door night and day.
When Eminem’s cell phone number spread on the net due to the hack of Paris Hilton’s address book, some people of my entourage wondered why I didn’t call. It is quite obvious, though: I’d never invade Eminem’s privacy and call him without being invited to.
It is high time some nutcases realized that Marshall Mathers has a private life too.
Not only do crazy fans give Eminem a bad name, but they also endanger their mental health. Lose yourself in the music, but don’t become some pathetic little loser over Eminem.

2 thoughts on “What is the fine line that separates a supportive fan from a sick Stan?”

  1. Well spoken. I love the way you shake those haters. I got word about a Detrout Mag looking for writers. I’m gonna check it out and email you the info.
    Hey … I’m DJing a party this weekend. Finally another party!! Wish me LUCK!!! I plan to rock that biiiitch!!!

  2. I too am an advid Eminem fan and I always will be. I would also love to meet him but maybe that’s best left a dream because sometimes when our dreams come true they either aren’t all they were cracked up to be or we are left feeling empty because we have nothing more to dream about.I am featured in his book coming out in December 2005,called Explicit Content-Eminem fans speak out , and it is great to know it is very possible Marshall could read something I wrote that was chosen as a featured entery,about how I feel about him and why I respect and love him like I do.The same way I know hundreds of people feel . –Anyway I totally agree with everything you said about a fine line between a fan and a stalker ! I would just die if he ever considered me a stalker !!lol only a true and faithful fan of both him and his work. He is a erue artist . Tracey from Needle CA

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