How We Roll A SOL/Trick Trick collaboration/ song review

Rating: 3.75 stars
You’re fond of gangsta tracks? Then the Sol-Trick Trick collaboration is exactly what you need. Both creeping through the streets of 7 Mile, the Detroit thugs are taking over.
Rapid drum beats and keyboard sounds introduce the hood anthem.
Sol is a Mexican villain straight out of Southwest Detroit. He intelligently combines his hot suave Mexican flavor with Trick Trick’s raw voice and rough style. Both associates are ready to get down in the streets and to handle their illegal business. You gotta respect both original gangstas who rep the D with confidence, marrying two unique styles of their own…
You’d better fear both street hustlers who carry guns and who handle their business with confidence.
How We Roll reminds me a little bit of Xzibit’s Symphony In X Major, probably because it carries the mind of two offensive street soldiers.
Musically, this track is pure fire. Lyrically, the track has been well handled. Maybe beats and instruments could be improved for a little part.
Globally, the track is an interesting contrast of two different Detroit flavors. You should definitely check it out on Sol’s my space account.

One thought on “How We Roll A SOL/Trick Trick collaboration/ song review”

  1. When I hear a song that featres Eminem, I x-pect em to rip the other mc a new ass hole, mind you he hasn’t done a track with Tech N9ne yet. Anyway, Tricky is the fuckin’ shit!! This dude scares me to just listen to him, and the dude gots flow, MAD SKILLZ! I can’t waite till this fuckin’ cd comes out. The only problem is, THEZE MUTHA FUCKAZ GOTTA START COMING TO EDMONTON, NOT VAN CITY, OR Tdot, COME TO EDMONTON, WE GETZ WILD BITCH, ASK GAME!

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