Some Nathan Mathers poser made me waste two days

and he put a local emcee from the Detroit scene into trouble, stole his music for the second time…Some of you must have read the article that had been posted a few hours ago about the poser and rapper Illwayz…I will write another article in order to clarify things…stay tuned on this affair. I am mad at the poser!!!

5 thoughts on “Some Nathan Mathers poser made me waste two days”

  1. yeah so many people peretending to be people this dayz. Its just stupid. People looking for attion. And the stuff on natenatenate yahoo group there is songs of his ex alaina, whice is NOT her singin. And the one of nate i dont know. Anyway just clearing up shit.

  2. omg i love eminem i luv eminem marshall bruce mathers the third born on the 17th of October and hailie jade mathers born on the 25th December

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