A musical enigma and a man with attitude: Detroit emcee V Sinizter

An underground rapper from Saginaw, Michigan, recently attracted my attention. His name? V Sinizter aka Venus J. Billingsley.
The young and talented rapper is a man of many hats: songwriter, arranger, producer, engineer, performer at the same time. V Sinizter has faith in his genuine artistic value and he speaks with confidence about his future success:
« I CAN’T LOSE!!! I’m on a quest to Atlantis for platinum plaques, because now’s the time; I CAN’T STOP!!! Till I reach the top and show the world how a young star shines; I WON’T LOSE!!! I spent too many years hustlin’ hard to win, stayin’ on the grind; I WON’T STOP!!! Till I reach the stars and top the charts – the VICTORY IS MINE!!! » (Venus J. Billingsley)
His pictures reflect V Sinizter’s attitude and determination. Let me tell you that V Sinizter’s self confidence is fully justified: when he touches the mic, the gifted emcee transforms his words into gold. Like a five stars general assembling his army and encouraging his soldiers, V Sinizter claims victory with confidence and attitude. The born soldier can’t stop, he won’t lose, he won’t stop, because the victory he envisions is already his. Those are exactly the words that are expressed in V Sinizter’s song, Victory Road. Victory Road is a song that I would rate as inspirational for any person who fights for his/her dreams to come true.
No wonder he is so much into his art: V Sinizter comes from a family of musicians. His mom, Stephanie Smith is a Rhythm and Blues singer. His older brother, Stephan Herd raps under the nickbame Mack Tha Jack’a. Venus’ cousins are Curtis Mayfield and gospel vocalist Leatha Warfield.
Another of his cousins is actor Julian Mayfield.
V Sinizter has opened shows for artists like Esham, Bizzy Bone, Ludacris and MC Breed.
In 2002, V Sinizter released his first solo album, Morning Star: Sins Of An Angel. The following year,Venus J. Billingsley was signed to Psychopathic Records. His next release was Ep Hunting Season. The CD experienced some technical difficulties and V Sinizter had to reinvest his money in buying some higher performance computer equipment.
Back in 2004, with Morning Star: Soul Of The Beast, V Sinizter is now ready to conquer the world with a victory that is already his.
In 2005, V Sinizter started acting in a movie called Detroit Hoopz where he plays the role of a Detroit undercover cop. The movie is due to release in late 2005.
Find out more about the enigmatic emcee V Sinizter actually is on his official website.