Watch Trick Trick’s Welcome To Detroit video!

Watch the video here … and support Eminem and Trick Trick…they have done a great job:)

7 thoughts on “Watch Trick Trick’s Welcome To Detroit video!”

  1. I love it! Damn I will support that hot boy anytime of the day, night, hour, minute, second!
    He is a hottie! I love your site! I love coming here and hearing what is new about this man! Thanks for always being up to date!

  2. I love it! I’ve been listening to it for about 3 hours. But do i have to do something else to soport him???

  3. well i luv dis video
    i went on on eminem videoz dere was da video at i luv it sooo much and same with ma bro every time i listen to it
    i LUV U EMINEM!!!

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