Eminem is much more than just a cute face…

Today, I’d like to address to a category of « fans » that I would rather qualify as « garbage fans ».
Yes, you guessed it: I am talking about the freaky girls who totally ignore Eminem’s skills, the meaning of his art, his engagement and who only focus on his « cute face ».
I read comments like « Eminem is so hot…if only I could marry him etc… » on a daily basis and I am really getting tired of this bunch of bullshit.
The next guy on your road can be handsome. Many men in this world have a cute face, but not so many have an attitude and lyrical skills. Not all of them are intelligent and very few could rap like Eminem does.
If Marshall Mathers was some poor unknown ghetto guy, would you still care about his cute face?
If all of a sudden Eminem happened to be disabled or to lose his physical beauty, would you still stand on his side?
What if he was a black man? Would you support him the same way?
Would you stand up and stick up for him, if he lost his whole fortune?
In case your response is a clear « no » or unsure, then don’t call yourself a fan.
Matter of fact: Eminem is far from being ugly and I am not against fellow fans who besides saying that he’s cute also recognize his talent, his personality and really love the music. But I am strongly against superficial star struck hunting girls whose motivations are quite clear.
« God if i could marry this man i would….hes soooo god damn sexxxxie……and his songs…..damn i cant think of ne better rapper! »
With comments such as those, who are you going to convince that you are for real?
You wanna marry him? Good luck…some other boppy teenagers have tried before you. Dream on, girl…
What do you know about the man and his music? You claim that he’s the best rapper? Pleaaase!!! Which rapper do you know besides Eminem, you brainless lusty groupie?
Also, you should learn how to spell before posting your ridiculous message.
Haha, you are probably unable to name one single song that Eminem did!
I’m sorry, but I don’t want to have anything to do with the « garbage » Eminem fans.
I perfectly know why I support the man. To me, he represents much more than just a cute face. Eminem is a man with an attitude, a fighter who came from nothing to stardom. A man who is not afraid to stand up in order to defend his political beliefs and his fight for freedom of speech. An incredible lyricist with a warped sense of humor. Not your average emcee, for sure.
Don’t the qualities mentioned above make a « cute face » look insignificant ?
My message to the fans who are for real: put the garbage fans where they belong, in the trash!

27 thoughts on “Eminem is much more than just a cute face…”

  1. Go Isabelle! I agree with you all the way.
    Let me share a funny experience at one of Eminem’s shows. He brought a girl up onstage at the HFStival in Washington, D.C. and asked the girl if she thought he was cute. She was gushing, “Yesss”, and then he asked her if she would like to marry him. The girl freaked out and was very happy. Then Eminem said something to the effect of “You’re just a dumb bitch, you don’t even know me” and the whole crowd erupted in cheers and laughter, as the girl was escorted offstage crying.
    Em said at another concert I saw that when he was poor, no girls wanted him. Now that he is rich, everyone wants a piece of him. That’s just wrong.

  2. Thanks for sharing this story with me, Jason. I am convinced that everybody wants a piece of Eminem’s ass just because he is rich…many ppl are not interested in Marshall Mathers himself as a person…shame on this stupid girl, she deserved to be blamed by Eminem publicly lol

  3. I always looked at Eminem because of his talent. Everything is different nowadays, its all because of the looks.
    Girls that say they want to marry him is just wrong, its just like going up to some stranger on the street and asking them to marry them.
    I totally agree on everything said in this article.

  4. For whatever reason, people like Eminem. I don’t think it is fair of you to hate on anybody who likes him because he is cute. Just as you don’t like anyone to judge you, you shouldn’t judge others. I am sure you were young once and remember having crushes on actors or celebrities, and that is what he is. Eminem should thank those young fans you think he is cute – they buy his music, posters, calendars, and go to his concerts – and they are part of what made him the giant success he is today.

  5. Janice, I would like you to please read my article carefully. I never said that i was against anybody who finds Eminem cute. He actually is…I myself find him handsome. I am currently in touch with many of his teenage fans and i have many very young fellow fans that i respect in my contacts…i am not that intolerant kind of person who says nobody should find him cute LMAO…
    I am against ppl who only see his cute face and ignore the brilliant artist he is. I am against stupid girls who freak out and who want “to have his babies” and who will be after any other wealthy celeb when Em will be less on top…
    Next time read my post more carefully before stating things that i have NOT implied.

  6. To your info, Janice, I do buy his Cds, posters, calendars, T shirts and go to his concerts as well…I have contributed to his success as well, as a fan and as a freelance music journalist, what do you think?

  7. Isa, I think that people confuse passion with anger sometimes, ( they probally being the angry person) but, I remember when you where on Gavin’s Blog and the stupid comments the teeny boopers would leave and the silliness of them thinking that you were Eminem. I think that type of kid needs to go back to school and learn to put their passion in education so that they could accomplish something on their own and not dream stupidly that someone who has accomplished much is going to fall for them. I understand what you were saying in this article….

  8. Lee, I am very flattered to know that you are my reader since the very beginning at Gavin’s blog…thanks a lot for your support:)
    I am happy to know that some ppl finally get my point…i have had so many freaks commenting my articles…i often receive the same silly emails from little girls believing that I am Eminem and submitting me the craziest requests…i have been harassed by many of thoses freaks ( and i am just a fan of his!) and frankly I won’t defend such ppl who make Em’s life a living hell.

  9. Isa, I was so happy to find someone who admires Eminem that isn’t a teeny bopper. I am 53 going to be 54 on October 16. I have always liked Marshall. My husband’s birthday is the same as Marshall, so I know that Em is a really good person. Besides his great work..

  10. I love Marshall because he is one of a kind and you will never ever see, hear, or know of anyone that even comes close to who he is.
    That is why he is on the top and will stay there. No one can touch him!
    His talent is off the charts and each year it gets better!
    But he is a hottie! But more then just a hottie!

  11. You know what, if Marshall lost all of his money I would still like him. Because money can not buy you happiness or health! It only buys materials things that can be lost at any moment in your life.
    Money and fame is not happiness!
    Holding someones hand after they just lost it all is love and happiness! I just had to add that after I read a few comments!

  12. I did read your article carefully. In fact, you called anyone who only likes Eminem for his looks “garbage” fans. I think young girls may have started liking him because he was cute and just enjoy his music. They are not mature enough to realize his contributions to the Hip-Hop genre. So what if they say they want to have his baby, that is their comment. Would they still be a fan if he was not cute, of course not, but that does not make them any less of a fan now. I just find it hypocritical of you to bash anyone who is a fan when you yourself have posted about how you do not like haters and people who judge you.

  13. Janice, OBVIOUSLY, you have not read my article CAREFULLY. No, I did not bash anybody who finds Eminem cute! I find him cute and many of my fellow fans find him cute too…we all happen to say it but we are not only FOCUSED on his looks. I do correspond with a 14 year old fellow fan who is as much interested in hip hop as i am…and she has sth else to say than “i wanna have Em’s babies”…we do share a lot of things and even on other rappers…i also do chat with lots of other very young ppl, boys and girls who really like the music. So it is not a question of maturity or not…I am against this groupie stuff…i have taken some very mean insults as a supportive female fan of Eminem and i think it is due to such behaviors from silly girls like those mentioned in my article.
    I am not being hypocritical. I don’t have to agree with each statement. I do speak my mind, whether you like it or not.

  14. A girl who only wants to have sex with Em and who is not interested in his music is not a fan as far as I am concerned. What are your thoughts, Janice?

  15. If Eminem wold be ugly i would still soport him the same way i do now. When i first herd his music a year ago i didnt even know what he looked like but i listend to him all the time. I dont think hes got evil eyes so hes not cute to me. Theres no way id ever want to marry him (maybe only if he would be black). I think that there are much more musicians out there who havent bean discoverd yet. If Eminem would be pour he would be one of those whos family enjoy them sing. Eminem cant lose everything cause something noone can lose is talent. He can loose his fortune but not his abiliety to sing.
    But im still confused cause i dont know if i am his fan or not. After 3 days of learning about him i discoverd that his a better dad to Hailie then my parents are to me. Hes story makes me sad.
    Do you think im he’s fan?
    Sorry if i spell the words wrong but im not English or American. i’m from Estonia where they dont use English. But everyone loves Eminem there.

  16. No hesitation here honey , If he lost all his money and both freakin legs I’d still feel the same way about him. I respect his talent and his message and his strength , not his ass or cute face …. oh and I’m a girl !– Tracey from Needles CA

  17. Seriously, that’s a good topic to talk about, but also the fact is, Janice had read your statement. It’s just that she finds it really mean for you to bash on people as a whole, just cuz of a difference in opinion. Despite people liking Eminem for his lyrical prowess or whatever, it doesn’t mean he’s cool because of it.
    Also, the concert that Eminem had when he dissed a girl like that, seriously, if the world has become so heartless to things like that and find that very cool, then seriously society has reached an all time low.
    Why is it that people can be heartfelt when Eminem raps about his daughter, but when a fan which is the basis of what makes him who he is talks about how good looking he is, gets dissed for no reason whatsoever, it’s praised like popcorn?
    It’s always like this. Until it happens to you, it’s just all funny and nothing big, but if it’s something directed to you, then all of a sudden, “OMGOMGOMG! BLASPHEMY!” I’m saying this for everyone, not just you or if you feel it’s directed towards you.
    People that have no respect for people aren’t ‘cool,’ okay. It’s seriously being a society sellout to just constantly be a ‘badass.’ To be a real ‘rebel’ and to be ‘new’ is to be nice and courteous. That’s where the whole ‘hater’ thing came about, people were jealous, saying mean comments to people for no reason or for people who made it, and then there was no ‘love.’ But where’s the love now when people have a different opinion? Is the love flowing like hallmark cards, or is it just being flushed down the drain?

  18. Oh yah before I forget, don’t take it personally, since it only shows you care about a topic that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously at that extent.
    Also, but.. didn’t you just post a “Beautiful Eminem” pic not too long ago?

  19. X, like Janice, I think you totally missed my point. I am not against people who find Eminem handsome. I find him handsome too. I am against people who ONLY care about his looks and miss the brilliant artist he actually is.

  20. I’d like to add this. Since I have started writing for Gavin’s blog in 2003, i have been facing those little girls’ (who are not about Eminem’s music but only about his looks) hatred. Some of them even kept spamming the site.
    There is nothing wrong with liking Eminem’s looks. I like his looks, i already said it i think that he is a handsome man. However, I have a problem with little 12 year old girls who come up with some groupie manners, claiming ‘Eminem is mine’ when he could be their dad, saying they are “fans” when they don’t know any of his songs and then start beefing and insulting me because I wrote an article about him. I have experienced this for years and also on my personal website. I think you understand why i am fed up with such behaviors.
    Please try to understand where i come from.
    If Eminem turned ugly tomorrow, it wouldn’t change anything to my passion for his music. I have reviewed so many artists who are probably not that handsome, but who cares. It is all about the music. If Em was less handsome, maybe he’d attract less garbage fans.

  21. No, I see your point, and I do understand where you come from. I guess my point seem rather one-sided. However, I meant this, if people DO like Eminem soley for his looks, then that’s their perogative, not yours, you missed that point I made.
    I fully understand how annoying it is when bashers come here and just bash you for saying things like that, but don’t let that stuff bother you, you got heart and that’s what counts. They are just superficial, I see what you mean, but that’s still their choice.
    I know a lot of models out there are only liked cuz of their T&A, (Victoria Secret ones that is, the rest of the models don’t really have any.) But overall, it’s their choice, so it doesn’t matter.

  22. hi .
    EMINEM IS SO SEXY but i don’t want to mariied him!!!
    i worship him and i think he is my god
    just this

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