The Artfull Dodgers: a dynamic trio

Who are the Artfull Dodgers?
The Artfurt Dodgers are two emcees, Gozza and Jackpot, and a DJ, DJ Sir Real.
B Gozza aka Brady Gasser and Rex Demski aka Jackpot started the group in the early 90’s. First recording and performing experiences go back to the same period.
In 1994, the dynamic trio released a single called « Juggernaut » in collaboration with local rappers and producer Phizyx.
Touring together until 1996 in the Midwest, the group split. The group reunited again in 1997 and released an EP called « Dusted World » produced by Phizyx.
The Artfull Dodgers’ first LP came out in 1999. It was entitled « Lazy Eyes » and produced by Pharlon. The single « One Mic Then Pass » that can be considered as an underground classic became a video and opened many doors to the Artfull Dodgers who were featured on many video shows.
The Artfull Dodgers have shared the stage with many artists such as Killah Priest and Cappadonna of Wu Tang Clan, Eminem and many more:
« Performing with cats like Cappadonna, Killah Priest, and Eminem was great. They all have worked hard and built their own strong followings, and we have nothing but respect for them. It was a great experience being able to perform in front of their crowds and receiving love from their people. » (The Artfull Dogers )
In 2001, the Artfull Dodgers got a deal with Chicago’s Aeemp Records and released a single called « Laced » and they began working on a new album.
The group was also enriched by a new talent the same year: DJ Sir Real aka Jack Greba joined the group in 2001.
The Artfull Dodgers second album « Second Wind » was released in 2002 and included many interesting collaborations with artists such as Killah Priest and J.U.I.C.E.
The well made single « Still Writing Rhymes » soon became very successful. Considered as a Midwest classic and a success on College radio, the song and the Second Wind album received “Album of the Year Award” from at their Hip-Hop Awards Show.
The following year, the Artfull Dodgers started working on their self produced third album, “Off The Credenza” that was due to release in 2004 along with a DVD featuring the Artfull Dodgers‘ film debut «Breaking The Chain » and the « Still Writing Rhymes » video.
In 2004, the Artfull Dodgers went on tour with the Vans Warped Tour. Their performance allowed them to gain even more success.
A second Artfull Dodgers film is currently in preparation.
How do the Artfull Dodgers sound?
« Original rhymes combined with original sounds mixed up with some good scratches from a talented DJ » might give you an idea of the Artfull Dodgers’ talent.
Curious to discover more about the three talented artists? Find out more details about the Artfull Dodgers on their personal website.
Don’t forget to check out their songs and videos, they are worth it.