7 thoughts on “Looks like Suge Knight accuses Eminem of sexism and racism…”

  1. Isa, I think that the black rappers who bash Eminem are prejudice and biazed against him as he is a white rapper unlike them.

    I have lived in Metro Detroit my whole live. I have found that some african americans are just as biased and prejudice as some white people are.

    I hope you make it to our area sometime.. You would be most welcome in my home.

    I myself am not prejudice against any race or religion and accept all as fellow humans….

  2. no se que carajo es esto, pero se que se trata de eminem! yy ese culito blaco me ta volviendo re lokita! lo re mil amo!!… es el gran maestro del rap, hip-hop, freestyle.. y mas.. es un grosso! chauuu!.. besos.

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