Tolerance is God’s gift

It is so easy to discriminate against somebody who doesn’t correspond to our criteria. However, do we realize that what we consider as normal could be considered as abnormal by somebody else?
I think that I am an easy going person. Usually, I am cool with people, even if they’re very different or even opposite to me. I don’t support conservatism, for instance, and I happen to have some conservative friends. It is just a matter of respect. We don’t share each other’s political points of views, but we respect each others as a person.
I do consider that people don’t have to act as if they were my twin brother or sister. If they don’t like hip hop, they don’t have to fake it in front of me as long as they respect my dedication to hip hop.
As long as you don’t attack me, my kids, my love for Eminem’s music and for rap music in general, I will be cool with you. Also, I will respect your own tastes or philosophy of life, no matter if it fully differs from mine.
Some people feel the need to define their personality through their sexual orientation. I am cool with that too. Some of my contacts are gays and lesbians, so what? I don’t care about their life style, I do consider the person. I don’t judge people’s choices. It is quite obvious that this choice belongs to their privacy.
I still don’t get why so many persons, who -by the way- claim to be good Christians (LMAO)- feel the need to discriminate against lesbians. Do you think that they are sinners? If so, have you ever considered that you are also a sinner in God’s eyes…so why allow yourself the right to judge?
People I am not cool with are posers, potential Eminem stalkers who harass me to get his address or email and people who try to ridicule the person I actually am.
If you have a problem with my unconditional support towards Eminem, my dedication to Michigan hip hop and hip hop in general, you’d better stay away from me. If you talk shit, you have great chances to get verbally hit. Don’t mess with who I am, because I won’t change just to please you.
I am a woman with personality who perfectly knows what she wants.
My conclusion: live and let live. Open your dictionary…there is a word called RESPECT. Respect people and you will get respect in return. And those who don’t respect you and accept you the way you are are not worth it.