Mad Dog Reunion interview

1.Since when did you have a real passion for the music?
…. I’ve had a passion for music ever since I was 14 years old listening to bands like ‘Stiff little fingers’ and ‘ The Beatles’..
2. What motivated you to become the artist you are now?
…. I suppose what motivated me was watching other bands live on stage like the bands I generally like and have seen in concert. Seeing how they perform and seeing the crowds reaction to this. I get such a kick outta this and it made me wanna play and write stuff and do the same.
3.How did you come up with the nickname Mad Dog Reunion?
Mad Dog Reunion, lol, this name is a cocktail drink in the Uk.. Its actually called MD 20/20 but everyone calls it Mad dog.. I was in a band called Mad dog in the Uk in the 90’s but that broke up when I came to France to live.. So when I started back up on my own I decided that MDR was a great and unusual name to use and plus it made sense to me..
4.You started playing with bands all over the UK, then you went to France. Why chose France in particular?
I used to work on boats in France and met this girl who stole me from the Uk, hee hee.. So I ve been in France ever since 1996 now and enjoying every moment here..
5. How does the French public react towards your music? Do you have many fans here?
I think they like it alot in general, they seem to react to it in a good way and even I hear some cd’s being played in bars and pubs around France now which is great to hear .. One pub in particular called The ‘Toucan’..
6.What is your most positive experience since the start of your career?
I think the most positive start was actually getting the record deal with Chromium , they’ve not done much really but it was a step in the right direction and felt great.. Though that’s’ come to an end and its back to the drawing board but any reactions I get from record companies is a positive start for me.
7. Among the contemporary mainstream artists, who has earned your respect and why?
I think if any band has earned my respect I’d have to say ‘Muse’ . I once heard this band and didn’t think much of them, until I really sat down and listened to their cd which totally blew me away.. Its the way they play and how they can make their instruments say things that words can t do. Also great powerful vocals and each musician in the band has a gifted talent to perform and write..
8. You talk about various themes in your music…what is your biggest source of inspiration when you write the lyrics to one of your songs?
The ides for writing comes from nowhere, its funny cos I’ll have this image in my head and then I’ll finish off the rest of the story or picture in a song way.. Sometimes someone might get on my nerves or make me happy and that comes across in my music too.. ‘December sun’ was a picture in my head and ‘Into the dirt’ was people who had annoyed me before..
9. According to you, what are the qualities needed to make a great artist?
…… I don’t know really cos I d say lyrics and the ability how to perform and play really well.. Saying that ‘Nirvana’ from the 90’s knew how to write excellent songs and get their points across but just couldn’t pull it off live ever.. Totally useless live but knew how to write great songs.. I’d say patience attitude and devotion oh and care too..
10. Do you have any further solo projects? If so, please let us know more about what they actually are…
Yes I have more projects or project inline. I m actually writing more stuff for my next cd which will be the sixth, so looking forward to hearing how this one is going to sound. I never take the driver seat in my songs. Meaning the song will just come out in a jam and my head and fingers will go free and there is a song. So I think maybe next year their ll be another cd finished..