This is sick…Some fake copies of Shady ldt are circulating in France!

The French brandmark “Complices” copies Shady Ldt…this is certainly worth a lawsuit!

This is a shame!

17 thoughts on “This is sick…Some fake copies of Shady ldt are circulating in France!”

  1. Totally sure!!! Shady Ldt is quite unknown in France and not even available in my hometown…i had to order my stuff on the net…
    Complices is a brand that existed long before Shady Ldt.

  2. Fuck of this fakes… EM is the best and the stupid productions destroy his style… fuck of Im out

  3. what happend to the brand 🙁
    it’s only avalible at kohls and it’s
    all low quality cheap shit!
    what happend to the high quality products like they had back in

  4. Hey Em just wanted to let you know I feel for you, all this crazy stuff going on in your life. I couldnt amagine losing a friend like proof man. I wish I knew how you handle it all at once. I have scraps on my plate campared to your dish man, and I cant seem to get controll of my life. I will sign off saying you inspired me through your music.
    Pete Sanchez

  5. Dawg!
    Here in Sweden we got a LOT of fake Shady LDT clothes!
    Know it’s fucked up!!!

  6. But whatever everything is fake here..
    And I mean everything!!
    If you just goin’ in a Swedish sell site (like Blocket or something)
    you can find fake Shady LDT clothes fore like a 100 crowns (I think it’s like 800 bucks)
    and other hiphop clothes like Sir Benny Miles and stuff like that!
    It’s really sad ‘cos you don’t know what’s real and not so..
    Once I bouth a fake shady LDT T-shirt.
    It was a accedent!
    I didn’t saw that it was fake!
    Hmm it’s scary you know!
    You guys can contact me on
    Bye bye you guys see you in the next life:P

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