Jealousy Woes…

« Jealous, Jealousy, Jealousy » (Eminem, Jealousy Woes)
No, this article is not about Eminem’s Jealousy Woes song from the Infinite album…but it will introduce you into the theme of jealousy.
Have you ever been the victim of people’s jealousy? I bet this has already happened to most of you!
Some people can’t be you, because they don’t have your skills, your imagination, you talent etc…Instead of working on their own qualities and focusing on their own goals, they develop a secret hatred of you.
While simulating a « playing-it-cool attitude », their secret hatred of you grows and grows and gets transformed in word flows.
Motivated by envy (they get mad because they are conscious they will never be you), they try to work out some strategies to weaken you.
Sometimes they find a subtle way to discriminate against you when you belong to an ethnical minority, for instance, trying to humiliate you by any means.
As the rap music lover I actually am, and having handled some freestyle battles (on the net, I wish I had battled people for real lol), I perfectly know how such enemies’ mind work. 8 Mile fully explains this battling spirit.
You have to weaken your enemy and make him look ridiculous. The most skilled rapper has the best chances to win the battle.
Jealousy Woes can hate you, attack you, discriminate against you, but they will never make you fall when you are fully conscious of your genuine value.
Exposing their jealousy is weakening them forever!
There will always be haters on your way. However, it is up to you not to give them power on you. Stay strong, be conscious that they hate you because you’re so special!
Stay focused and work towards you goals and let them jealousy woes destroy themselves with their worthless jealousy.

4 thoughts on “Jealousy Woes…”

  1. Wow! You said it all, I totally agree with you!
    All you folks out there – Remember, “There will always be people who envy/hate a person who is making his way to the top, inspite of the obstacles one faces! Don’t let these creeps trample over you. Stay strong, beleive in your values, most important be sincere in whatever you do and always remember that some people who envy you & dislike you because you’re so special!
    I have been face such situations all my life. Yeah! There are times when you feel disappointed having such people around, but I have had some wonderful friends who have stood by me during my good times as well as bad times and who feel so happy for where I am today! It only matters to you having such people around and the rest are trash!
    Stay focused and work towards you goals and let their jealousy woes destroy themselves!

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