Psychology of the poser

I have been confronted by so many posers since I became a fan of Eminem in 2001. Fake Eminems, people pretending to be Nathan Mathers, girls pretending to be in touch with Marshall Mathers etc…
I might have been naïve in the beginning, but after spending several years on the net, I think that I have managed to penetrate posers’ psychology a little bit. Today I intend to expose posers’ strategies and silly behaviors.
What are the main reasons why posers pretend to be somebody else than the person they actually are?
Usually, those persons are bored and have plenty of time. I’d say mostly bored teenagers with no life or who are going through such difficult situations that they really want to forget about who they are.
Posers are, most of the time, big attention whores. They target the places where they can get a lot of attention from people. (I’m taking Eminem’s example, but I am sure that there are many Britney Spears and Snoop Dogg posers as well…)
Then they post a message that resembles this one:
« Yo, peeps. This is Em. Just wanted to say hello to my fans. Email me any time at »
O my God, what a silly trap! Does this kind of poser really think that a man like Eminem or any other artist would display his email publicly? Are you aware of the many mad emails he would get?
I am just a fan of his, but through my personal website, I get many scary emails from fans who think I am Eminem, despite the fact that make a full presentation of myself on my Eminem dedicated website (including photos).
I often get mails like « Em, you are sooooooooo hottttttttttttt, please answer. » or « Is this Eminem? I love you soooooo much I wanna blow you »
Crazy, ain’t it? If I was Eminem, I’d freak out!
Sometimes, those people get so much obsessive that I have no other solution than putting them on a block list. So, if somebody pretends to be Eminem and includes his screen name or his email on a public message board, you can be sure this person is not him.
I am addressing to very young girls in particular. Be very careful about giving your email to a person who pretends to be Eminem. It could be a pervert or even a murderer, you never really know who is who on the internet, unless you have met the person you are corresponding with.
Among the bored teenagers, some also pretend to be in touch with Eminem or with his brother. Their motivations? It is quite obvious to me…those boys or girls are so much bored and feel so lonely, they want to become popular and make a lot of friends on the net. Of course, they will manipulate those friends with fake stories.
Most of the posers are unsatisfied and manipulative people. They feel the great need to be considered as important because their personality is like split between the insignificant and boring person they actually are and the celebrity they admire.
They have often studied their idol’s life and details and some of them posers are very good at their game.
However, posers have to be aware of several things:
-sooner or later, they will make some mistakes…you might have studied your idol, but you don’t know everything.
– they should consider that people will become suspicious sooner or later. It is possible to trace your IP and to prove where you actually come from.
No need to say you’re from Detroit when you live in the UK. Our modern technologies give us the means to make you drop the mask.
– also, don’t be so sure that you have played your victim. Your « victim » might have doubts and could make your mask drop very easily.
Sometimes, it is not easy to prove that a person is a poser. But even if you want to play with the poser and make him believe you fully trust him, there is one rule to follow on the internet: never trust anybody a 100%.
Eminem doesn’t like the internet. He stated it. Why would he spend like 5 hours on the net when we perfectly know how hectic his life can be? Ever thought about that?
Don’t allow the posers to play with you. Play with them and trap them.
Fuck those bored people who should definitely get a life!

4 thoughts on “Psychology of the poser”

  1. C koi “poser”? En tt cas jai compris que ten avais marre des faux fans; enfin jme comprends et tu comprendras! 🙂
    Qu’est ce que tes articles sont extras!!! Jarrive pas à me lasser de ls lire! C très sinsère cke jte dis! Moi aussi jadore écrire et là vraiment je suis comblée: de l’anglais, Eminem et un très bon style d’écriture. Que demander de plus?? MDR
    Bisous à toi

  2. un “poser” c une personne qui se fait passer pour une autre, en l’occurence Em dans ce cas…cet article est à propos des gens qui se font passer pour Em, c mon petit coup de colère contre eux!
    Merci pour tes compliments:)

  3. I can’t believe so many people are that lame. Why the hell would you wanna act like somebody else? Guess it’s a lot of losers in the world.

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