Charlie Watts, a fan of Eminem

SIR MICK JAGGER has exposed his ROLLING STONES bandmate CHARLIE WATTS as a huge EMINEM fan. British rocker Jagger, 62, has revealed that Watts adores the musical works of the controversial rapper – and he’s particularly fond of his latest album ENCORE.
Jagger tells Maxim magazine, “You know who likes the new Eminem record? Charlie Watts. I haven’t even heard it, but Charlie keeps telling me I have to listen to it. There’s just so much music out there.”
And Jagger also has a few surprises in his own playlist: “I like a real mixture. I download everything from classical music to country to folk music to New Age music to young British bands to blues bands. I listen to absolutely everything.
“I just listened to the new MISSY ELLIOTT album, and I’m not sure if it’s that great. I’ll have to give it a few more goes. I’ve been playing a lot of this new English band the 22-20s. They’re really good, but they do sound a lot like the Stones.”

One thought on “Charlie Watts, a fan of Eminem”

  1. i luv eminem and i also think that encore is one of the best albums of all time i love the fact that whatever eminem raps about wether it be about the world or just a freestyle everybody walks around the streets singing it and loving it. i think he is a star in our eyes, he is my idol i would do anything for him he gives white and black people a good name.

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