Bizarre Unreleased Demo (1998) review

Rating: Four stars ****
Musically speaking, having listened to the Attack Of The Weirdos and Hanni Cap Circus, you think that Rufus Johnson aka Bizarre’s solo music has no secret for you any more? Then you might be totally wrong about it.
All the skeptics about Bizarre’s talent should check this unreleased demo as well as his underground work
Thanks to a Detroit buddy, I had the chance to listen to an unreleased Bizarre demo from 1998. I had never listened to any of the tracks that are on this demo, with an exception for No One’s Iller that I consider as an underground classic. The version of the demo differs a little bit from the better known version of the song, though.
Don’t Come To Close To Me is an ill Fuzz/ Bizarre collaboration that has the flavor of the D12 Underground EP, dark atmosphere, bass sounds, Fuzz and Bizarre as an offensive duo from the 313. Don’t come too close to them, you might get your ass beaten up! A weed smoking Bizzy will introduce you into his sick/hilarious universe.
How Many MC’s is an example of Bizarre’s collaboration with The Outsidaz. This track is aimed at his opponents.
Flashback To St Andrews: Live At St Andrews will bring you back to a very boiling battling atmosphere.
While listening to Bizzy’s demo tape, you will probably enjoy the well made track Take The World Wit Me, featuring Eminem and Pacewon.
The Idiotic Bizarre will also allow you to fully enjoy the Bizarre- Kon Artis complicity.
That’s The Way It Is is another interesting Bizarre collaboration with the Outsidaz.
Piano, keyboards and scratches add to the weed smoking and sexually explicit atmosphere. Bizarre makes words rhyme in a subtle way. Weird and hilarious as always. Hip hop lovers will appreciate this track.
Also don’t miss The Ruff And Rugged Bizarre. Bizarre did a well job with his fellows from New Jersey, the Outsidaz. A rhythmic track that won’t let you indifferent. Enjoy Rufus Johnson’s 7 Mile style.
Bizarre’s unreleased demo from 1998 is one of those rare underground rap jewels that any true hip hop lover shouldn’t miss.
Check it out when you get the chance.

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