Be friendly, but don’t be an ass-kisser!

Many people confuse both attitudes in real life and on the net as well. Be friendly, be kind, be nice to people who cross your road whether on the net or in real life, but remember always to be yourself and don’t let anybody corrupt your integrity. Even if you like a person or a cyber contact, never be afraid to speak your mind. Use diplomacy if needed, but stay true to yourself. Never say yes when deep inside you wanna say no. Don’t be other people’s puppet.
So many people are ready to corrupt their integrity for money, for fame and even for some stupid clicks and some more traffic on their places. They are ready to compliment somebody whose topics they don’t find interesting at all, just in order to get some more attention.
Let me speak my mind about the ass-kissing mentality: it is despicable and I hate it. Being an ass-kisser won’t bring you any respect: people will use you and manipulate you the way they want to.
And to those who are tempted to call me an Eminem ass-kisser, you are totally wrong. This artist is my favorite, but I have always used my criticism about him as an artist and as a person when needed.
There is a huge difference between being enthusiastic, friendly, expressing compliments when they are sincere and being one of those stupid ass-kissers with no personality. Please don’t become one of them.