Full Klipp 2005 album review

Offensive, definitely gangsta and ghetto, Full Klipp’s album introduces you in a dangerous world that could be compared to a jungle.
Who are Full Klipp?
Ask me and I will tell you: a Detroit trio composed of P.A.C.E himself aka Frankie aka Alias, Bigg Baldy and True Beyond.
The introduction sounds like a warning. You ‘d better not fuck with Full Klipp if you wanna keep safe in the streets of Detroit.
You’d better open your eyes as track 2 featuring Imam Al Amin reminds you of it and keep being real. Face the harshness of ghetto life. Detroit- Cutthroat City- is a place where your life can be in jeopardy on no time: you’d better be astute at the Death Game. Track Nr 7, Death Game is written in a very rapid rhythm and makes you feel the heavy atmosphere of the streets of Detroit. Phonies, follow Full Klipp’s advice: you’d better stay away if you’re not « for real » .
Full Klipp’s album is somber and has the well known Detroit flavor. Original in his way of expressing the streets of the D, Full Klipp handle their album very well lyrically and instrumentally. Guitars, keyboards, catchy beats, drums, interesting vocals make of Full Klipp’s work an original composition that you won’t hear anywhere else.
I would recommend you to check out Free, a track made in collaboration Animal Chief, who is the member of one of Detroit’s hottest groups, Mountain Climbaz.
My Bitch talks about streets experience with a great sense of humor.
While some tracks like Game Of Death point out a rather somber note, some tracks like Freak Hoe will offer you a lighter note of the album. Freak Hoe refers to real facts. The names have been changed, though, to protect the mad stalker’s privacy.
Rich sounds, offensive lyrics and a typical Detroit flavor will make you like the Full Klipp 2005 album. Check it out!
Full Klipp’s CD is available in Detroit at all Shantiniques music, Damons music, Tanya’s music, and Justins music, Ypsilanti atPuffer Reds, Roseville at Record Time.

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  1. You have accomplished you’r dreams and I am so f-n proud and honored to have watched drop beats.I’t was the experience of a lifetime.And you made this little white girl’s dreams come true.You helped me believe that I could sing.And now I do and I get requests wherever I might sing.Thank you for the honor of watching the magic that is withen you.I am a huge fan of FULL KLIPP.The hardcore straight to the point raps that beat in my chest are revolutionary.You had a vision and I believe in you and you will go far and be big.YEAH BABY..!I promote Full Klipp where ever hip hop and rap lives.You are truley amazing and deseve all the wealth and fame . yours truelyHeather from the green camper lol.

  2. If you ain’t heard of Full Klipp than you are not into real rap and you listen to sissy assed shit.Don’t forget to have yo momma wipe you’r ass when you finally listen to these hard core sweet assed raps’.By the way can’t wait to see how the new record you are droppin sounds.

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