Alchemist speaks out after bus crash

LATEST: EMINEM’s DJ ALCHEMIST thought he was going to die when the tour bus he was travelling in was involved in a serious accident in Missouri last week (ends15JUL05).
The record-spinner and fellow ANGER MANAGEMENT touring partner STAT QUO were hospitalised after the crash on Wednesday (13JUL05) – their bus collided with two tractor trailers.
Speaking to MTV NEWS from Los Angeles, where he’s recovering from three fractured ribs and a bruised lung, Alchemist says, “Our driver did an ill-advised move. He tried to swerve around a car doing 85 and advance on the highway when he could have taken it easy.
“We started screaming when he swerved ’cause the bus went on two wheels. Then he spun the wheel the other way and the bus went back on the other two wheels. At that point the bus was out of control.
“It was two semis in front of us, and the bus clipped the back of one of the semis… We spun backward one time and we flipped.
“I tried to hold onto the table ’cause I knew we was going to flip and when that bus flipped, the couch, the table, anything I could hold onto was in the air and I was flying like a dishrag. If you saw the inside of the bus, you’d really be like, ‘How did anybody survive this?’ The inside was torn to s**t.”