Eminem Denies Retirement, Encore “Closes 1st Chapter”

Only days after gossip spread that Eminem was retiring, the lyricist dismissed the reports during a recent concert in Washington.
A recent article in the Detroit Free Press stated that Em was set to retire following a concert in Dublin, Ireland on September 17th. Supposedly, last year’s Encore was scheduled to be Slim’s last release as he ready to focus on production rather than rap. However, Em addressed the retirement rumors during his Anger Management 3 set at Washington’s White River Amphitheatre.
“How many of you all read the tabloids? Cause there’s some shit goin’ around that I’m retiring,” Em told the crowd.
Slim then noted that the article next to the retirement story was a piece about the moon “to blow up today.” He then added, “I’m retiring? then I guess the moon just blew up” before mooning the crowd. Em added that if he ever retired and decided to come back his new stage name would be “RainMan.”
Meanwhile, his publicist, Dennis Dennehy, denied that the Eminem had any plans to call it quits.
“Basically MTV made an inference,” Dennehy told SOHH.com. “The statement is that ‘Encore’ is the close of the first chapter of Eminem’s career. Beyond that, no decisions have been made.”