50 Cent album review

50 Cent: Get Rich Or Die Trying album review
Rating **** four stars
If you should grab one of 50 Cent’s albums, it would definitely be « Get Rich Or Die Trying ».
Written in a gansgta style, the album refers to 50 Cent’s life experiences.
« What Up Gangsta » introduces us in 50 Cent and G Unit’s gangsta world.
Intelligently produced by Dr Dre and Eminem, the album contains many valuable tracks.
Patiently Waiting is one of them and expresses 50 Cent’s fight to the top and also reminds us of his near death experience…Curtis Jackson’s « Get Rich Or Die Trying » is not his first album, but not everybody had heard about him at the time Eminem decided to sign him to Shady Records. He’s actually been « waiting so long for a track to explode on ».
When you live in the hood particularly in hoods like the Queens, there is a thin border between life and death and many men put a price on your head when you’re involved in some beefs or gang rivalries. When 50 Cent claims « Many Men wish death upon me » , it refers to real facts that he has been through.
Life has been far from easy for 50 Cent. His mom, who used to be involved in drug deals has been shot in front of him.
Many Men is autobiographical.
Curtis Jackson was shot nine times in 2000 in front of his grandmother’s house. He survived to the shooting .
Involved in drug traffics, 50 Cent has been stabbed several times. He has also been familiar with jail experiences. « 21 questions » questions true love. In his song , 50 Cent questions his girl and asks her some insightful questions about how she would react if he was jailed.
High All The Time gives the album a lighter note while Wanksta sends some stabs to 50 Cent’s enemy Ja Rule.
Among the well written tracks, don’t miss PIMP and Don’t Push Me featuring Eminem.
Instrumentally, the album is enriched with hot beats, keyboard sounds, violins, piano and drums.
Globally, 50 Cent has done a great job on this album. His best album so far: check it out.