Bizarre interview

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2005 5:49 am
Bizarre: When The Drugs Kick In
Monday – July 11, 2005
Talithia Kelly
Bizarre: strikingly out of the ordinary as odd, extravagant, and eccentric in style or mood as defined by Webster’s dictionary.
Bizarre as defined by HHDX: crazy, deranged, lunatic or in other words just damn strange, but clever.
After years of being in the shadow of D12 and being sheltered to say the least by lead group member, Marshall Mathers a.k.a. Slim Shady a.k.a. Eminem, Bizarre has decided to take control of his own reigns. His solo debut Hannicap Circus which dropped on June 28th via Sanctuary Records showcases all sides of this strange artist and will prove he’s not just one dimensional.
What made u step out and do your own thang?
I always been a solo artist so I basically waited for a right time. I wanted to wait until the 2nd album got control.
How do your group members feel about you doing your solo thang?
They’re very supportive. They’re doing their own thang too. We all just chillin’ and doing our thang. I got Kon Artis he contributed three tracks and Marshall did a couple so their very supportive.
So is it like a group effort to help you with your solo album?
It wasn’t a group effort, but you know we stay in constant contact with each other.
Marshall and Kon Artis did some tracks who else did some tracks?
Eric Sermon did two, Mic Check did three, KMG did two and Marshall did the single and that’s about it. There are a couple of other cats up there.
I know D12 was a different sound. How would you describe the sound of your album?
It’s definitely different. A lot of story telling. It ain’t what people think. It’s story telling, heart felt songs. I don’t want people think it’s another crazy Bizarre album. I think people are going to be surprised on this album.
Do you think your album is calmer than what D12 fans are accustomed to?
It’s wild, but its me telling my story a little more. By being in a group with five guys it’s hard sometimes to express the way you want to express.
I’ve heard some of your lyrics, where do your concepts come from?
My concepts come from smoking. (laughs). My music. Whatever the music tells me.
So whatever flows is what you go with. Whatever comes out comes out.
Yea. Cause I don’t write outside the studio. I only write in the studio.
Okay, so how often is that?
I don’t know. Sometimes once a week and sometimes once a month.
So, if you don’t write outside the studio what do you do when you’re not in the studio?
Oh, I don’t write. (laughs)
What do you do?
What you mean as far as rapping?
Yea. Do you, music wise, do anything with your tracks or are you just chilling.
Oh, I’m just chilling.
Okay. Pretty much you only work in the studio.
Yeah. I only work in the studio. I’m a transformer. I ain’t no super rapper. I don’t write raps. I may have a little idea I may jot down on paper once in a while, but you know I don’t really write before I get to the studio.
So, I’m assuming that when you get to the studio that you’re in there for a while.
Uh, not really. Once the drugs kick in the rest is history.
As far as the Anger Management tour goes is it going to be you as D12 or you as Bizarre?
So you will be performing material from your album as well as D12?
Right, right. I’m going to be going on tour with Omarion too.
You’re going on tour with Omarion? When is that set for?
It starts in an hour.
I’m just playing with you.
I was about to say. You, going on tour with Omarion that would be different. So how do you feel about your solo album?
I’m very satisfied with it. It gives people a chance to see me in a different light like they’ve never seen. I expect this album to be a word of mouth album. Once people start hearing it and listening to it they gonna go straight to somebody else. I got a crazy album. I’m trying to give people a different vibe. I really can rap.
You already have your D12 fan base are you trying to grab a broader audience?
Yea, I’m definitely got something up there for the D12 fans I don’t wanna disappoint them. I’m still myself, but I don’t want people to think I’m just one dimensional. I played that one part in the group like everybody played their position like a basketball team, but I’m doing my own thang now and I’m playing all the positions. They’re going to get a little more of me than they expected. I have a lot of guest appearances on the album Devon the Dude, Big Word Of Mouth Kas, Obie Trice, Raphael Sadiq, D12, that shit is going to be crazy. I got a rapper coming out and a rock band on my label Red Hair.
Any reason you didn’t come out on Shady records?
Well, at the time Sanctuary Records offered me my own label deal coming out with Red Hair. Instead of going to somebody else label like Shady or Jive and waiting for a long time I wanted to just knock this out while I had time. Cause you know I’m still doing the D12 thing too.
Can we expect for Bizarre to be around for a while and stand the test of time?
Yea. I’ll be here. I’m original. Ain’t nobody like me and ain’t nobody trying to be like me. I’m too vindictive to be like me cause they gonna say you biting automatically. Another fat rapper can’t come out and take his shirt off and act crazy or they gonna say he acting like Bizarre.
Is that why you chose the name Bizarre because you’re different?
Yeah, definitely. It’s 101 MCs out there. What makes me different?
Did you always want to me a rapper?
Everyday since 10th grade. I had no other dreams and goals other than being a rapper.
Apparently Bizarre has achieved his dream…he’s known as the guy with the belly and shower cap in D-12…but, now he’s out to be the ringmaster of his own Hannicap Circus.