Fellow fans, don’t be sad if the curtains close for good…

According to a recent Detroit Free Press article, Eminem will probably quit the rap game.
It seems like the Anger Management Tour 3 will be Eminem’s last tour
Fellow fans, please take a deep breath and relax: nothing has been confirmed officially yet…
If Marshall’s decision is to quit the rap game now, he has probably very good reasons to do it.
Of course, it makes me a little bit sad and I will miss him very much, because he is really amazing on stage.
To me, Eminem is the most brilliant and amazing artist I have ever seen. He is one of the biggest influences in hip hop history.
I admire his intelligence and the way he handles his business. Thanks to him, I have become the cool and balanced person I am now.
However, the decision to quit is up to Marshall and to him alone.
As a very supportive fan of his, I am conscious that I have no right to be selfish and that I will have to accept Marshall’s decision whatever it might be.
We have to consider the fact that Marshall’s life has been rather hectic ever since the beginning of his career. He wasn’t really prepared for such a rapid ascencion to the top at the time Dr Dre signed him to his label. He has been caught in the middle of controversies and family dramas. Marshall Mathers is no Hollywood celebrity, he has earned his fame and wealth the hard way and he deserves a lot of respect for that.
Right now, Em feels like he has reached a high level of fame and he is also scared of becoming mediocre (I don’t believe he will ever be mediocre, but I understand his fear).
Regardless of the aspect mentioned above, Marshall feels like he needs a break. He needs to spend some time with Hailie and Alaina who have often been deprived of him because of us fans.
Fellow fans, I am asking you to respect Marshall’s decision, whatever it might be, because it is HIS life and he should be the only one to decide about his life, musical career and privacy.
Anyway, Eminem will still be active in producing and will keep his great passion for rap music.
Marshall, no matter what your decision will be, I will strongly support you. And if you decide to close the curtain to the Eminem Show, your music will always be present in my daily life.
Thank you for creating the words and the melodies that enchant each of my days.