J.R Watkins’ betrayal

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I don’t want to sound too na’ve, but I will never get why some women dare using Eminem’s celebrity status after dating him just to get so much talked about.
As far as I am concerned, no matter about the identity of the person you are dating, there is a dangerous line not to cross’like the exposure of very intimate details regarding two people’s sexual life.
Kesia Alvarez (who formerly dated Eminem) has crossed this line with Eminem, revealing details that sound very much fabricated and that are -obviously- a good way to get some attention from the scandal press.
In 2002, while he was celebrating his 30th birthday, Marshall had to call Detroit radio on ‘ Mojo in the morning ‘ about a brand new book about him written by Kim’s cousin, JR Watkins.
You will be able to listen to the author of ‘ Cleaning Out My Closet ‘ (JR Watkins), to Marshall and Kim here:
Who is Jennifer Watkins aka Jennifer Pacheco aka Jen? As most of you will probably know, she is Kim Mathers’ cousin. She also used to be Hailie’s nanny for about two years.
Jennifer is a married woman, a mom of three kids who used to share her every day life with the famous rapper. She used to take care of Hailie, Alaina and to cook for everybody.
Jennifer Watkins was hired by Eminem at the time he was working on 8 Mile.
According to Kim’s statements on ‘ Mojo In The Morning ‘, Jennifer stopped talking to her, because she refused to have a ‘ threesome ‘ with her and her husband:
“That’s my cousin, Jennifer, sitting in the studio with you right now. What I have to say is first and foremost that she wants to talk about how I’m a family-wrecker. Let’s talk about how she wrecks her family, how she dates her aunt’s ex-husband… The real reason she stopped speaking to me is because I wouldn’t have sex with her and her husband ”
Still according to Kim, Jennifer also had some serious views on Marshall and that’s the main reason why he decided to cut off ties with her:
“The fact of the matter of her writing the book is that she’s mad
because she tried to get with Marshall. He didn’t want to see her in that way and because he cut off ties with her she’s pissed'”

Marshall nearly confirmed everything Kim said during the interview and he concluded this way:
” The people who end up writing books about me end up back in their little trailer-trash homes anyway'”
JR Watkins gave another version of her story. She first denied having a romance with Marshall:
He was always involved, and I was married'”
Then she suddenly admitted having a 2 years romance with the famous rapper and fully exposed her dirty laundry, probably for people to focus their attention on her and to pity her a little bit more.
JR Watkins pretends to have been pregnant from Marshall the first night they spent together:
“I was scared to death’I thought any additional stress or pain would drive him away . . . so I never told him about the pregnancy.”
She describes Marshall as a caring and sensitive person and said she fell in love with him:
“That’s when I fell in love with a very smart, caring, warm and sensitive guy'”
Then she had a miscarriage:
“I dealt with the emotional pain on my own'”
According to JR Watkins, Kim had threatened Marshall to kick her out of he would never see Hailie again.
Is Jennifer serious when she says she expects Marshall to forgive her? I seriously doubt it:
“I don’t expect to ever talk to Marshall again . . . and I don’t need to. That’s not what this is about. All I want is for him to forgive me in his heart . . . !”
After displaying so many intimate details about Eminem and Kim’s privacy, Jennifer comes up with this sob story.
I’m happy not to have read her book and I don’t intend to- out of respect towards Marshall and his family. Jennifer is a traitor whose behavior is a typical trailer park girl behavior.
Mrs Watkins, you’re despicable and I doubt you have a high degree of morality. Besides respecting Marshall and his family, you should have learnt to respect yourself.