My first amateur song

Following the advice of a rhyming board owner who liked my freestyles, I have written my first amateur song…Unfortunately I don’t make music, so there is no music to go with:(
It is called “Fighting Girl”. Here we go:
Fighting girl
Yo, I’m a fighting girl’
Some call me I.S.A cuz I Spit It All
Leaving my worst enemy in a cemetery rather than in an hospital
Some know me as Marshallengraved, nickname that is Em-powered
I might be a chick, my words will leave you sick
On my enemies I always pick, punching within a day more than one prick
You just can resist to my strong fist
1.. verse
I’m a bad blood spiller, word killer
Each word I spit is a grenade set up to kill ya renegade
I’m pumping my fist, I’m slitting your goddamn wrist
Man, you’re already on my bad list
Don’t approach, you’ll be erased like a cockroach
Baby, you might find out I’m worst than Slim Shady
But it’s just me, homie!
You can look at my D12 chain like you had no brain and stare
I just don’t care
When you diss me , you gotta stay fair
Cuz I’m a scary assailant, sometimes I’m so creepy
Words I do combine, always ready to refine my last line
That’s why you find it so divine and swallow it like white whine,
My wordplay is a swordplay, each sentence I display will hit its target
Battling Marshallengraved is a greater show than Macbeth
I’ll take your last breath and sentence you to death.
Want an inventory of my story? Dude, I’m not looking for glory
I’m fighting for more recognition, finding a way to get out of my condition,
To live out my passion , I don’t rap for fashion,
Writing my articles defending Em who saved me, called it my mission
Sorry if you have no compassion for the music I call my passion
Don’t make no wrong supposition, I got munition
Don’t talk about my skin condition -yea I’m white- still, I can write something tight, so what?
I spit faster than light speed, I can make you bleed
Now we can proceed, fall on your knees and plead
Each of my sentences is an astute chemical composition
That works for your demolition
I can get your heart split, can you hear the explosion
Consequence of a word nuclear fission?
I got skills, you’re unable to count my many kills.
3. verse
Lyrical bullets will blast, how many of you have passed (away)?
I’ll make you feel harassed by my bomb blast
It’ll put you whackies in contrast
Harassed, unsurpassed, this breath was your last! Good.
I don’t care if I’m misunderstood I’m an eliminator, mankind hater
You’re just a goddamn spectator, I’m the worst abnegator with the sharp teeth of an alligator
Keep staying in your bumbledom, anyway you’ll never reach stardom
Who cares about your partis pris , between you and me a huge abyss
My rhyme crimes sugar lines are like a candy kiss
You mouth is full of them, you can’t empty it and the taste fully persists.
My writing is my fighting, sometimes my sentences can be biting
No matter if you look at them as if they were suspect, I don’t need your respect
As long as my words my integrity and passion do reflect.