John Kerry likes Mosh

Bush’s opponent likes Eminem’s song Mosh. John Kerry expressed it publicly while asked by MTV about the recent song:
MTV-“Last time we talked, in March, you said that it’s important to listen to hip-hop because it gives you a sense of what’s going on in the street. Have you heard the new Eminem song that’s been out?”
Kerry : “You know, I heard Eminem on “Saturday Night Live” last night. I heard the song that he did. I don’t know if that’s part of his new [album] or not. I liked it. But that’s the only thing that I’ve heard in the last weeks. I’m on the trail. I’m campaigning every day.”
This doesn’t seem to be in the taste of a conservative newspaper (“Hundred Percenter Newwires”) which offered a rather bitter comment of Kerry’s point of view:
the potential future leader of the free world listens to rap music?
More importantly, the song that Kerry said he liked is one of the most vile, anti-Bush, anti-American songs to have ever been produced. ‘

I keep asking myself why so many conservative people are so much blinded in their views. First, why shouldn’t Kerry listen to rap music ? Because he’s a politician? Because he’s ‘ too old ‘?
Ridiculous arguments in both cases’Rap music is opened to anybody who is open minded enough to get the message of hip hop movement that is obviously fighting Bush’s war policy.
I don’t know John Kerry enough to formulate an objective opinion about him, but he has my respect for taking time in his hectic life to listen to Eminem’s performance and to take his message into account.
Second, Mosh is not anti- American. Of course it is anti Bush. But anti Bush doesn’t mean anti American. Mosh is in favor of America and opposed to Bush’s policy.
It takes us back to the fundamental values of democracy, it shows a sea of people which is determined to fight against war, against injustice, against eviction laws.
The same people from “Hundred Percenter Newwires” severely criticize Kerry for endorsing Marshall’s song. Matter of fact: their understanding of Mosh is totally wrong:
‘ John Kerry’s decision to endorse a song like this is disgraceful. ‘
Disgraceful? Really? There is much more disgrace in reading your article than in John Kerry’s decision to endorse Eminem’s song.
In the animated video of Mosh, all the people who are lead by Eminem are taking over by legal means. Eminem, the main hero of the video doesn’t influence them to murder Bush, but to take the power by legal means. He takes the crowd to the urns for a brighter tomorrow.
Call the video rebellious, call it revolutionary, but also call it a patriotic act in favor of democracy.

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  1. Right on bro!! It always amazes me, in a bad way, to see how many people blindly follow Bush and his cronies into the worst places humanity can go, and go along with the notion that to say Bush is wrong is to be unpatriotic. Preposterous – if we dont keep our “leaders” in check then we’re doomed. Literally. Coz Bush is an evil man with selfish drives, and the world is going rapidly downhill into war and the need for more oil (see the suppression of zero point energy) and the fake concept of terrorism. The sooner people realise that 9-11 was an inside job the better.
    Love and Light

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