Eminem vs Everlast

Don’t mess with Slim Shady unless you wanna get kicked badly and killed lyrically!

Everlast and Eminem have fought against each other in hard lyrical battles that went very personal.

The beef between Eminem and the former “House Of Pain” member started in 1999. Eminem’s words from the song “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” highly offended Everlast, since his name was mentionned:

“I’m Nicer than Pete, but I’m on a Serch to crush a Milkbone / I’m Everlast-ing, I melt Vanilla Ice like silicone…”

Everlast prompted to respond in his “Dilated People” track and made his beef between him and Eminem become very personal, since he mentionned Hailie in a pretty clear allusion:

“Ear Drums Pop (Remix)”, saying “Cock my hammer, spit a Comet like Haley / I’ll buck a three-eighty on ones that act shady / I’m original like Grady, check my Sanford, Son / You know you ain’t the one that rep peckerwood status / I’ll bust that ass, keep your eyes on the floor / What you comin here for, son you know the law / Let’s take it back to the house, slide off your blouse / Lift up your skirt and expose your panties / For the world to see, you can’t rep it like me.”

I Remember” is a former Eminem song that is aimed at Eric Shrody aka Everlast and describes Everlast as a dead rapper who should have died from his recent heart attack:

“I remember back when you had The Knack (had the knack)
And I remember when you had your first heart attack (heart attack)
I was right there laughin when I heard the news (heard the news)
I just wish the cardiac would’a murdered you (would’a murdered you)…”

“I Remember” is fullfilled with sarcasms towards Eric Shrody.

But it is just the beginning of a bitter and personal war of words between both rappers. As the lyrical struggle goes on,

Everlast becomes more and more personal with Eminem.

“Whitey’s Revenge” is a diss track towards Eminem that target Debbie Mathers and that questions Eminem’s fatherhood.

In the introduction, Whitey Ford dedicates the song to Debbie Mathers and questions Eminem’s toughness and his sexuality.

He also accuses him to use the “shock value” of his lyrics for money.

The meanest sentence is probably the following one:

“…and you can’t keep your woman from going astray
better run and check your kid for your DNA…”

Kim’s infidelity is clearly mentionned and Everlast wants to state that Eminem is probably not Hailie’s dad. The next sentence makes fun of Debbie’s lawsuits against Marshall:

I take care of my moms you get sued by yours…”
The Eminem/Everlast battle entered another round as Eminem released the song “Quitter” with the D12 group.

Marshall never jokes with his love for his daughter. He won’t allow anybody to talk about Hailie without retaliating badly.

The chorus of “Quitter” sounds like a real threat towards Everlast:

“Quitter and you bitter cuz I came along
And your days of house of pain are gone
If you talk about my little girl in a song again
I’ma kill you (I’ma kill you)…”

Eminem even goes that far to encourage his fans to beat his rival up:

“Aiight look…
So this is what we ask of our fans
If you ever see Everlast, whoop his ass
Hit him with sticks, bricks, rocks, throw shit at him
Kick him, spit on him, treat him like a hoe, bitchslap him
Do it for me, do it for Fred, do it for Limp
Do it for Rock, do it for Rap, do it for Ken
Do it for Ice T, do it just to do it, FUCK IT
He’s a bitch, he ain’t gonna hit you back, he’s nothin
Shit, in five years, we’re all gonna be eating at Whitey’s
And he’ll be busin tables in that bitch, cleaning the toilets…”

But the whole song also reveals Eric Shrody’s bitterness and his jealousy.

On February the 2nd, 2001, Everlast did a public show at St Andrews Hall in Detroit where he publicly dissed Eminem. The show ended violently. Suddenly some participants threw bottles and chairs on stage and some other men wearing D12 Tshirts entered the concert hall and asked the crowd:

“Are you going to let this motherfucker come to Detroit and disrespect Eminem?”

Three people were injured and sent to the hospital. During the show, Everlast called Eminem “a fucking midget”, criticized D12 and challenged the participants from Eminem’s camp:

The mic is open if there’s someone from Eminem’s camp who’s here. “Didn’t think so.”

People from Eminem’s camp were trying to take over security and were approaching the scene. Everlast took his guitar as a self defense weapon and one of the assaillants took the microphone, addressing to the crowd, until the power was cut. As a consequence, Everlast had to leave the show.

The lyrical battles that opposed Eminem and Everlast could have ended tragically. As far as I am concerned, “personals” are not the most interesting side of a lyrical battle. But that’s usually the way his rivals are trying to get at Eminem.

If you ask me, attacking a rapper by dissing his family members is rather a sign of weakness and it shows his incapacity to harm his enemy lyrically by other means. It also shows a cowardly manner to battle one’s opponent. Look at your rival’s own weaknesses, but why diss his family members?

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  1. GavII says:


  2. Chiside says:

    Was Eminem talking about Mikie Da Poet when he said’ “you said you was king, you lied through your teeth, so for that fuk your feelings instead of getting crowned your getting capped”? on the song im not afraid? cause Mikie’s old performance on Foxs news was recently posted where Fox reported Mikie is the new Eminem, also the song The Showdown was the talked about debut album, and in that song Mikie says “Crown me King” these guys have history through the labels and i want to know if Mikie’s old SCREAMING, PASSIONATE style inspired Eminem or did the Comment about Mikie being the New Eminem mean anything, I think your both great rappers and the hip hop world needs to know the story between you guys, cause its been brewing for a while. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6fID8VcHGs

  3. crimson says:

    Eminem is a great rapper. Everlast had his time, he isn’t the same today, but you still don’t put him in the same category as vanilla ice. Everlast also had some tough competition when hip hop was hip hop. If Eminem want’s do talk shit then he better be able to take it. Their aint a rule book to running your mouth if your gonna do it like he does, he’s fair game.

  4. TREY_94 says:

    aye man i got a question……………HOW DA FUCK can yall tell who wud win in a fight especially if u NEVER saw neitha one of dem dudes fight!?! im mean COME ON PPL jus cuz everlast is physically bigger den eminem dont mean SHIT size dont matter in a fight! Grow da fuck UP DAMN im BLACK and i kno dat! And as far as da lyrical battle em is more flexible and complex wit his rhymes but everlast jus hit lower…….but overall dey both excell. rappers but em is better in my opinion

  5. TREY_94 says:

    and by da way em aint tryin ta b black y da hell yall keep sayin dat shit? ok so wat he raps(and is actually a BEAST at it) wit a street accent, wears loose clothes and chains, a doo rag, and hang around blacks…SO DA FUCK WAT! wat yall want him ta rap properly about happiness and sunshine and luv while wearin tight ass clothes? and besides, he cant change where hes frm or how he was raised HE IS WAT HE IS! and fuck all yall tryin ta judge em jus cuz of his family and drug issues

  6. TREY_94 says:

    and if u ask me em is HELPING ur race….not ta sound racist or nuthin but em is one of da only white dudes i got profound respect for cuz he proved dat not all whites aint bi (metaphorically meaning:cocky and pussy) in street/urban situations aight PEACE!

  7. pdog says:

    chiside when eminem said the lied through ur teeth part in not afraid its actualy “you said you was king, you lied through yo teeth for that fuck your filling” not feeling i thout it was feelings too at first. anyway he was dissing lil wayne. in waynes song exquisite he calls himself a king. and wayne had to get fillings removed when he went to jail FOR CAPPING SOMEONE. also the next line says “instead of getting crowned your getting capped” em disses wayne on half the songs in recovery even no love. the only reason that he worked with wayne is cus he wanted to be as disrespectful as he could cus thats what wayne did. annyway theres ur answer

  8. Mightywhiteyfarad says:

    LOl, you guys are funny as hell, Ev whooped his ass lyrically, and would do the same physically.

  9. mexicano loco says:

    fucc eminem and d12 HOUSE OF PAIN THE REAL SHADYS

  10. Bucks says:

    @Trey_94 Umm…. Actually size DOES matter in a fight. I believe that’s exactly why boxing/MMA/wrestling/every other type of fighting has weight classes due to size being a MAJOR FACTOR IN FIGHTING. Dumbass. I like Em, but get off his caucasian cock.

  11. satyaprakash says:

    no matter who sa ever say what to eminem bt i know one thing that eminem is the best rapper of the world and will be

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