The king of pop’s struggle against the king of rap

Michael Jackson doesn’t feel comfortable with Eminem’s brand new video. Because Marshall Mathers dared making fun of the whole « Jackson case »,the king of pop has described it as « inappropriate, insensitive, demeaning and disrespectful ».
Michael Jackson is not the first star to become Eminem’s target: a long time before Marilyn Manson appeared in the « My Name Is » video. Many of you probably remember Eminem disguised as Britney Spears in « The Real Slim Shady » video and making fun of Christina Aguilera at the same time. Moby and Elvis Presley were his « victims » in « Without Me ». Not even terrorist Ossama Ben Laden could escape Eminem…
Last year, in Scotland, Eminem has made fun of Michael Jackson, dangling his second born from a balcony and Michael even found it funny.
Michael Jackson expressed his respect and admiration for Eminem as an artist, but according to his reaction -or should I say overreaction- I really doubt that he has gone deep into Eminem’s artistry. People who have watched Eminem’s videos perfectly know that Marshall has many « victims ».
I think it is more than urgent to state that Eminem makes fun of them just for the show. He intends to give his audience a good laugh, an effect that he usually manages to create very well. Who would Eminem seriously as Elvis sitting on the toilet and swallowing his big sandwich?
So why does Michael Jackson feel that offended?
Probably because the « Just Lose It » video is a confrontation with himself, something that he probably wants to escape from. Michael Jackson has been accused of children abuse several times: Jordan Chandler who is 24 now, pretends that he has been abused sexually by Michael Jackson.
In his book « All That Glitters », Jordan reveals some details about his misadventure.
His uncle confirms:
‘He resented him for having used his power and fame to convince my nephew to do things he wouldn’t have done with anyone else.
‘My nephew, like most kids, was enamoured by those uniforms Michael would wear – little soldier uniforms with epaulettes and things hanging all over him,’ he added. ‘I think that’s where he got the expression “God’s clothes”.’
Jordan was terrified to testify in Court and the affair led to a $25 million settlement.

I keep asking myself what would have happened if Michael was facing the same accusations as an average and poor man.
The following website offers an analysis of Jacko’s statements in 1993, after he was facing some molestation charges:
Things got worse for Michael Jackson when a cancer recovering young boy came up with a new accusation in 2003. The identity of the young boy has been kept secret.
If the statements of the following article are true, Jacko’s personality must be disturbing in some way. Check it out:,1,11228,00.html
Don’t misinterpret me: I never stated that Michael Jackson is guilty. I really have no idea and I will consider him as guilty if the Court says so.
Eminem has recalled some embarrassing events of Michael Jackson’s past. He has made fun about his molestation charges, which refer to real facts. The scene with the nose was done on purpose too. Michael experienced some real and serious problems with his nose:
Michael’s issues have been made public since a long time and, as far as I am concerned, his reaction in front of « Just lose It » is exaggerated. I think that he has misunderstood the talented rapper’s motivations.
The video is indeed hilarious and Eminem’s intention shouldn’t be misinterpreted. Some people have accused Marshall to make this video just to sell more records. Come on, Marshall is rich enough, he doesn’t need that to make some more money. Marshall is a man who works with passion, he is a 100% involved in what he does and his recent video is brilliant work.
To those who argue that Eminem is so « mean and disrespectful » in « Just Lose It », have you only noticed that Eminem also makes fun of himself and of his movie during the video?
Everybody, including Michael, just chill out: the video is for fun.

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