Flash Change, another taste of Contel Bradford’s writing talent

« Flash Change » is the second story of Contel Bradford’s trilogy. The story is a suspenseful thriller that introduces you into the harsh world of drug dealers. Some dealer alliances are deadly connects and any mistake you make can be fatal to you in no time. Selling some cocaine is a rapid way to become wealthy, but it can lead you to the cemetery earlier than expected as well.
Flash, the main character of the story, lives in Flint, Michigan. He seems to be born to be a hustler. He is used to street life and perfectly knows how to handle it. Because his mom died from a cocaine overdose and he never met his father, Flash was raised at his grandparents’ home who did their best. Because he was fed up with his family’s financial struggles, Flash urged to make some « easy money »: he rapidly got involved in cocaine deals and managed to be comfortable- financially speaking.
The girlfriend of a Cuban drug lord (Antonio Valdez), Candy, is a manipulative character.She is the kind dangerous beauty who manipulates men with their lust and manages to get a hold on them. Candy has a huge impact on Flash. She is the one who helped him to seize his financial freedom. She got Flash involved into a traffic with Antonio Valdez.
Flash used to appreciate Antonio and to trust him, but he suddenly became anxious about about his real intentions and began considering him as a serious rival. He even feared him.
Flash and his cousins James and Chaz are involved in the same dirty business. The Michigander trio is on the road to Nevada, a state that is familiar to Antonio Valdez.
Besides the great suspense Contel manages to create in his story, his description of Flash’s cocaine trips is amazing. He manages to make the reader feels the hero’s alteration of reality and his state of mind. Contel makes you enter into a world that is familiar to people who perfectly know the Slim Shady Lp and the Marshall Mathers Lp: drugs, alcohol, addiction…Violence is, of course, part of the game. Flash has killed many enemies, because the world of dealers offered no other alternative: either you killed your opponent rapidly or he would delete you from earth in no time.
During the whole story, you can watch Flash anxiety grow.
Flash’s encounter with Antonio Valdez in Vegas (where the transaction happens) is fulfilled with fear and growing anxiety.
It seems like Valdez has become suspicious about Flash.
Valdez’ strategy to isolate Flash with his fellow thugs Ricardo and Juan increases his feeling of insecurity.
After buying 10 kilos of cocaine to Ricardo and Juan, an incident happens. After hearing a great detonation, Juan puts his revolver at Flash’s head.
Flash is waiting for Chaz and James ‘ comeback and nearly can’t contain his anxiety.
After a little pause in LA where Flash introduces his cousin Earl to the Cuban Valdez, Flash returns to Flint. Candy is determined to date Flash and both agree on a date. Although Flash guesses there is obviously something too shady in Candy’s attitude, he can’t resist the sexy girl.
The next scene takes place in a crack house. A crack house is an abandoned building where drug traffics happen. This scene is typical of the Detroit context, as the movie 8 Mile also reveals it. Chapter 7 is interesting, because it will introduce you into the violent world of drug deals: you will see Flash give a physical punishment to Bob, who obviously owes him some money.
Bob’s character is interesting, it will give you an idea of how drugs can transform a healthy person into a wreck. Contel describes his physical and mental degradation with ability.
Chapter 10 is like an oasis in the middle of the tough world of drug dealers. It is a sexually explicit break in Flash’s life.
Chapter 12 introduces you to « Big Money »’s character. He is one of those rich men who managed to build an empire in the world of drug deals. As he eventually wants to settle down and buy a laundry mat in order to run an honest business and marry the mom of his children, « Big Money » got coldly murdered, leaving his brother and reliable girlfriend inconsolable.
Chapter 13 is a well written part about a mushrooms trip. A magical and colorful world opens its doors for the readers.
Back to Vegas, Chaz and James will make a fatal mistake by trying to retaliate about B Money’s bloody murder. They will make the huge mistake to murder Juan and Ricardo, which will lead to an infernal deadly spiral.
Earl will be Valdez’ first victim, followed by Flash’s other family members.
At the end of the story, Flash’s anxiety is unbearable. Under the influence of drugs and alcohol, the obsession of his beloved lost ones and scary visions torment his brain.
Candy appears to be a big trator: while hugging Flash for the last time, she shoots him right in the head. Candy fears Valdez and she thinks he will let her live as he walks in. But Tony shows no mercy to his girlfriend: a few seconds later, she will meet the reaper too.
Antonio Valdez walks free, ready to start a new life in Puerto Rico.
Contel Bradford will make you penetrate into a world that might not be familiar to everybody. When you will start reading his story, you will be hungry for more. Check out his suspenseful story, you won’t regret it.