Kim’s rehabilitation program in Minnesota: another chance for Kim Mathers?

Kim Mathers seems to be in better health. She has even been released earlier to start her rehabilitation program in Minnesota.
According to the latest Michigan Court decision, Kim seems to be ready for her anti drugs treatment. The good news for her: if Kim manages to follow her 30 days rehabilitation program, she will be able to complete her two years of probation.
This time, Kim’s rehabilitation program will be a real test for her. After failing and dropping out several times, she will have to prove her good will and her ability to clean up her act.
Since her latest arrestation, Kim hasn’t been able to see Hailie. The fact that she probably misses her daughter might increase her will to get rid of her cocaine addiction. Of course, Kim Mathers is no angel. But she is not the monster some media are trying to picture her either. She’s a regular woman who has experienced a lot of difficulties in her life. Her addiction has certainly altered her vision of life and she will need some support and encouragements from her family.
Is Kim gonna make it?
Time will tell.