Backstage people don’t want brain. Guess what they want…

Before writing my D12 concert review, I gotta let a lot of rage out of my chest.
Before leaving for the show that had taken place on Friday the 17th of September, I had taken a sample of my (yet unpublished) Eminem biography and a floppy disk containing nearly all of my articles about D12’s solo and underground work.
I was determined to make another attempt to approach the D12 crew again in order to get my manuscript behanded to Eminem and also to show them my articles about their individual work. I was even convinced that it would be easier to approach them, knowing that Eminem wasn’t touring with them.
It is a well known fact that girls thinking with their pussies instead of their brains are advantaged to go backstage. So I wasn’t really surprised to see some slutty behaviors in front of my eyes-to my greatest disgust.
I have seen girls who were not even fans and who did not even speak English go backstage thanks to their nasty attitude.
Can you imagine that I managed to get a backstage pass and that I haven’t been able to meet the D12 yesterday evening? I can’t face going that far and not being able to meet them.
After hours of struggle before and after the show, trying to explain that I was a freelance music journalist and an Eminem biographer who had written some precise articles about D12’s solo work, I was waiting with some other people at the end of the show, trying to get backstage.
It suddenly looked like a miracle was going to happen for me: a nice girl who had been waiting with me since
the morning in front of the concert hall with me called me and gave me the so much wanted backstage pass a security guard had given to her. She hugged me and told me: « good luck ». I was really happy about that.
Me and a few other people were eager to go behind the scenes. Of course the sluttiest underage girls went first (you guessed it right). When we eventually wanted to go backstage, some people started to push us from all sides for some autographs from Kon Artis and Proof. Then the security guard forced them all to go outside of the concert hall… The very few people who remained (among them me), were refused the entry, despite the fact we had some valid passes and identity cards. I made a last attempt to talk to D12’s manager who sarcastically told me : « There is nothing I can do for you. » Sarcastic words that sounded like a big joke to me. Such people keep talking about promoting D12’s solo work and here is someone in front of them who keeps working on such D12 promotion and they are not interested? I won’t hide it: I have been disappointed by such an hypocritical attitude.
The cause I am fighting for is similar to the D12 crew’s fight: more recognition for some daily hard work.
I may have lost this battle; but I am determined to win the war. I am a determined person who never gives up: someday, I will manage to let Eminem know about the existence of my manuscript (some people from the French music label made me believe it had been behanded to Paul Rosenberg, but I know now that I have been lied to) and get this book published as a personal tribute to Marshall Mathers and for the greatest pleasure of my fellow fans. I will also share my specific articles with the D12 crew. Every moment is another chance and I will take it at the right moment.

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  1. I remember you telling me about this experience… one day your manuscript will be published… you have a lot of power with a pen:)

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