Final battle: Eminem vs The Source

And the winner is: Eminem. The last chapter in Benzino and Dave Mays’ worthless hate crusade against Eminem has eventually been written. With a good news for all the people who like Marshall Mathers: the Source has been outrapped by the talented rapper. The Source Magazine has been ordered to pay $131,388 to cover legal fees incurred in connection with a copyright lawsuit filed last December by Eminem. It seems like those fees are not the Source’s only legal problems:
It had been ruled, two months earlier, that the Source had violated a Court order that forbid the magazine a complete publication of Eminem’s « racist rhymes » . We know from Eminem that those rhymes were written just after a he had broken up with his black girlfriend and from Chaos Kid that they were « suckering rhymes » only aimed at the studio and not for publication in any case.
The Source’s owners lost their worthless war against Eminem. By trying to ruin his career, the truth has eventually been exposed and people who have investigated this affair as well as Marshall’s life story perfectly know that the talented rapper has never been a racist.
Now it’s time to cheer up, because justice has triumphed!

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  1. fuck benzino!!! i didnt even know who he was till like 2 days ago haha eminem would fucking kill him a rap battle! or just in plain talent!

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