Her love for Eminem’s music has banned her from the UK

Her love for Eminem’s music has cost her a ban from England and Wales. Sharon Mc Loughlin used to play Eminem’s ‘ Stan ‘ at a loud level:
Which made her neighbors’ every day life to a nightmare. Not everybody likes Eminem, particularly played at a loud level.
Her behavior has lead to her neighbor’s depression:
“My settee moves across the living room, my 15-month-old son’s cot moves across the floor and the constant music has me permanently on edge. My GP has prescribed me anti-depression tablets to cope.”
The British 33 years old woman’s story is a precedent: she’s the first person to be banned from the UK for such reasons.
Having experienced loud neighbors 5 years ago, I know how disturbing such behavior can be, but still, I am questioning myself about the measuring of decibels in this story. There seems to be something wrong with it.
First, the article from the UK Mirror states:
‘ Environmental health officers monitored it at 65 decibels – as loud as a passing train ‘
65 decibels don’t seem to be that loud and they certainly can’t be compared to a passing train that reaches around 100 decibels, as the following website tends to prove it:
If it is true that 65 decibels appreciatively correspond to a normal conversation or to laughter, then there are big chances that either the music was louder than that, either there is a manipulation behind the whole story.
Sharon Mc Loughlin completely denies have reached the highest sound levels and accuses her 3 children to be responsible of most of the noise.
Second, whether there is some exaggeration in the neighbor’s statements when she claims that Sharon’s music was louder than a plane, whether Sharon Mc Loughlin was much louder than 65 decibels, knowing that a plane taking off reaches around 130 decibels:
“We live near the airport and under the flight path but the planes aren’t nearly as noisy as her music.”
Maybe Sharon Mc Loughlin should have been more careful while playing her music.
There are several intelligent ways to avoid those problems while enjoying your music at the level you want to like to safe voice your appartment (of course, this solution might be costful), but why not simply use a stereo cask ?
Maybe there should have been more dialogue and mutual comprehension between Sharon and her neighbors, which could have avoided her eviction and also, one of Eminem fans’ worst nighmare: being deprived of his music.