Promatic album review

Let the dynamic Detroit duo Proof and Dogmatic introduce you into their crazy world. Journey through the streets of Detroit: mushrooms, hoes, lesbians and alcohol are part of your dangerous virtual trip to the 313.
Promatic is the example of a successful collaboration between two gifted emcees. Dogmatic, who is still underground, gives a particular dimension to the album.
‘ Take No Shorts ‘ shows the offensiveness of a crew of rappers who won’t compromise their style for anybody.
The song ‘ Ecstasy ‘ is an ode to the well known illegal substance. Dogmatic and Proof describe their addictiveness in funny terms and bring Bizarre’s talent into the scene.
The Promatic album will give you an authentic taste of 313 underground real hip hop. The hilarious and rebellious ‘ What I Do ‘ will make you enjoy Proof’s world.
Proof and Dogmatic’s work is definitely something different:
‘ Even though the album is hard and it’s got some definite street content, we didn’t want to just come out like that. We just wanted to show the people something different first. ‘ (Dogmatic)
Promatic’s main goal is also to make people discover more about Detroit:
“The world has never really got a taste of what Detroit is really about. They looked at the East Coast and then the West and then the South, but we’re in the middle. We got influences from all of that shit When we do our music, that’s just what it comes up as. There’s so many different aspects of music that we listen to in Detroit.”
As Dogmatic also points it out, Promatic is representative of Detroit City in its whole craziness and battling world:
Everybody wants to know what Detroit really sounds like. Promatic, this is it. It’s niggas spitting, all the craziness. This is what Detroit is. It’s what conformed out of all that.”
Promatic is also a clever collaboration of the Detroit underground scene. The song ‘ Life ‘ features rap phenomenon King Gordy. ‘ Take No Shorts ‘ will allow you to discover less known talents such as Bakarac and Jus Bounce.
Promatic is musically rich of different styles. ‘ Feels Good ‘ distinguishes itself from the other songs and has even a little bit of the ‘ Barry White style ‘.
A dope album for mushroom graduates: grab the songs one by one and check it out.