Two girls fight over Eminem

You have probably heard about a story that has made the headlines a few years ago. It’s an after show story:
Two girls, who appearently were both physically very attracted to Eminem, followed the rap star after his concert. Both were that obsessed with their own feelings that they didn’t even notice Marshall didn’t want to spend time with any of them:
“I didn’t like either of them so I left the room.”
When Mashall eventually walked away, he could see both girls fighting over him in the hotel car park. Many people (except for both girls) may have found this story funny.
In fact, this story is revealing: many females would probably have behaved the same way, without questionning themselves about the reciprocity Eminem’s attraction towards them.
I don’t blame them, I just think those girls should try to envision the fact that Marshall is a regular human being. As well as you cannot force sympathy, you cannot force physical attraction.
Despite the fact Eminem describes himself as ‘an attention freak’ and that he might be flattered by his female fans’ attention, both girls have really started making fools of themselves, blaming each other for Eminem leaving:
“Each was blaming the other for me leaving. I mean, they were scrapping on the floor. Little did they realise I didn’t like either of them.”
Maybe Marshall underrates himself when he says:
“If it wasn’t for this rap stuff, I could never get a girl.”
Besides his exceptional rhyming skills, Marshall has also shown character and attitude. Which would certainly not leave girls indifferent.

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