Eminem’s revenge against the FCC

Eminem has decided to go one step further in his fight for freedom of speech. Years ago, the FCC had censored a Colorado radio for playing ‘The Real Slim Shady’. The Colorado radio channel had to pay $ 7000:
The FCC complained that the song ‘contains unmistakable offensive sexual references … that appear intended to pander and shock.”
The Real Slim Shady is back and ready to piss you off on the aiwaves. He will take the mic at his own radio station:
Until the Autumn, you will be able to listen to Eminem who promises you to go on cursing on air to the greatest delight of his fans. But his radio is not only about Eminem. It will host guests such as DJ Green Latern and the purpose of his future radio station that Eminem defined as ” cutting-edge hip-hop music and lifestyle channel” will be to promote rap music.
Hip hop lovers will certainly appreciate this radio channel that is all about rap and free speech.