Why ain’t Denaun Porter more popular?

-Why ain’t Denaun Porter more popular?
-Denaun who?
– Kon Artis…
Yes, I mean the Kon Artis from the D12 group.
Somebody asked on a public forum the question I keep asking myself: why isn’t Kon Artis more popular?
Besides being a gifted emcee, he has also produced the hottest songs like 50 Cent’s P.I.M.P., Stunt 101.
D12 World’s Commercial break introduced by Young Zee, was also produced by Kon Artis.
Denaun Porter aka Kon Artis has been Eminem’s former co-producer for his Infinite album.
You will find his discography here:
Besides Eminem, D12’s Kon Artis has worked with the greatest rappers: Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Method Man and many others.
Denaun Porter likes producing, but he also likes working on beats. He is a perfectionnist in his work as well as his fellow Eminemwhen it comes to a song writing process:
‘…it’s hard for me to write a song for myself. It takes me a long time. It’s a very long process. I’m harder on myself than I am on other people.’ (Kon Artis)
Knowing that Denaun Porter is far from being average and that his voice also distinguishes him from the other D12 rappers, why doesn’t Kon Artis receive the admiration and applause that he deserves from his audience?
Of course, people are more focused on Eminem. But it might not be the only explanation for his lack of popularity.
Kon Artis is gifted and hardworking and music is a passion for him. But he doesn’t appear on each TV screen so many times as less gifted but more commercial rappers. Making music is much more important to him than making money , which honors him.
Having met him and his fellows for a short time, I have noticed the D12 members’ simplicity and discretion. Their discretion might be a handicap in their fight for more recognition, though.
As I already did it in former articles, I’m advising people who are interested in Eminem to check out not only Eminem’s work, but also the work of his collaborators which is really worth having a look.
The D12 emcees are creative, original and good representatives of the Detroit gangsta rap.