Eminem and Kim viewed by each other

The press has spilled a lot of ink about Marshall and Kim’s story, the media have constantly displayed lots of details about their privacy, but probably the most objective and honest sentences can be found in Marshall and Kim’s own statements when they both talk about each other.
Eminem tells us that his relationship to Kim has been far from easy:
“Me and the missus, we go at it. It’s no secret, we’ve had our share of problems.”
Eminem has shared his problems and his frustrations about with his public. To people who reproach him to have talked about killing his baby’s mom in his songs his answer is:
“Look. I was pissed off!” That’s all I could say. I really felt that I wanted to do that shit. At one point in time, I really wanted to do that shit. For real.”
When Eminem is pissed off and feels really bad, he wants to shares his feelings of the moment with his audience.
Kim used to get mad at Marshall talking about killing her in his songs:
‘ Kim used to get mad when I rapped about wanting to kill her. ‘
When Kim reproached him to put her in his songs, he answered:
‘look if you piss me off when I’m writing a song, you might be in it.’
That rule also applies to anybody who will try to anger Marshall.
You might have heard a lot of cusswords and insults towards Kim in Eminem’s songs. But if Eminem puts her on a record, that also means that Kim is worth writing about her, even if the song expresses a lot of pain and anger.
“My baby’s mother put me through a lot of shit, so she’s worth a lot of songs.”
Eminem fans- female fans in particular- need to be very cautious when they start talking about Kim or Hailie, because they should know Marshall may not appreciate it at all:
“Just because I talk about my daughter and put her in my songs, or I say something about Kim in my songs, doesn’t give you the right or nobody else to talk about ’em and feel free to do so.”
Why use demeaning words against this woman, Kim, that you don’t even know? Many female fans have totally misinterpreted ’97 Bonnie And Clyde’ and ‘Kim’, ignoring that Marshall’s songs were both reconciliation attempts. Eminem clearly expressed it in the introduction to the lyrics of the songs in his book ‘Angry Blonde’ which defines the context of each song.
The way Kim described Marshall is quite interesting too. She defines him a a ‘down to earth guy’, who really loves his fans:
“Marshall is just a down-to-earth guy. Neighbor kids always mob him to sign their shirt. He loves his fans. I look at him as Marshall- not as a famous person.”
Fame hasn’t altered Marshall’s simplicity and that’s also one reason why he is so much appreciated by his fans:
“We aren’t going around with diamond rings and fur coats. [Eminem] earned his money the hard way. His anger for his mother comes out in his songs. He owes her nothing.”
Kim eventually expressed what caused her a lot of pain: the nearly total exposure of her privacy:
Just because my husband is an entertainer, that does not mean that our personal business is for everyone’s entertainment purposes.”
Knowing that the invasion of the Mathers’ privacy has increased more and more (some people even managed to sell Eminem and Kim’s correspondance on ebay by putting their dirty noses in Eminem’s trash), the call towards fans to respect it is much more than an emergency call.

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