Nathan’s studio: maybe a chance to listen to his music soon?

Two persons are really important in Eminem’s eyes: his little daughter Hailie and his little brother Nathan.
Marshall is a caring and protective brother towards Nate.He is also a good and sensitive person. When he knew a guy was picking on Nate at school when he was 17, he personnaly went to his brother’s school to tell him to stop.
He took time to tell the other kids that violence didn’t solve anything and even stayed to sign them autographs, according to a close friend of his:
Marshall also may have given us a chance to listen to Nathan Mathers’ work soon. He offered a studio to his brother for his 18th birthday. Marshall is Nate’s role model and certainly a huge source of inspiration to him:
“He’s an inspiration to me. We’ve always been very close and when I need help he helps. He got me the equipment I needed to create a studio in my room because he knows I want to do music too”
I would be very curious to know more about Nate’s rap style, if he intends to work solo and do some independant work or if he’d rather work with Marshall and other artists related to Shady Records such as D12, Obie Trice and 50 Cent. Before the release of Nathan’s first album, some of my questions may stay unanswered. If Nathan is as hardworking and as gifted as Marshall, his first album promises to be a huge success.

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  1. im pretty sure hes not gonna rock like eminem! to be a star you have to have talent, being eminems brother doesnt mean you have talent!

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