Emceeing and magic

Would Harry Potter be interesting in the public’s eye if he wasn’t gifted for magic? Honestly, I don’t think so. He’d appear as an annoying teenager who is complexed by his physical appearence. His scar and his glasses would make him look disadvantaged in front of an average teenager.
But the hero of J.K Rowling’s book is gifted for magic and that makes the whole difference. His hidden powers make Harry Potter look like a hero.
You probably wouldn’t be surprised at all if I told you that some people have tried to bridge the most famous wizard with the most famous Mc.
Dr L has written a quite amusing ‘Lose Yourself’ parody that is based on the ‘Lose Yourself’ song:
Rappers and I’d say battle emcees in particular have a similar role to play: he brings you into a world that you would probably refuse to explore if it wasn’t for your ears and your eyes’ greatest pleasure.
The rapper is an average man from the ghetto who introduces you into his underworld: a hidden place full of colorful words and forbidden actions. He will make you enjoy your stay and sometimes he will take you to real scary places
Many people wouldn’t focus an interest such personalities if it wasn’t for their lyrical abilities.
But being an emcee makes you untouchable, it transforms you into a powerful word wizard.
Kuniva explains it very well:
“Being a rapper in high school was like being one of the X-Men. Like bein’ a mutant with hidden powers, knowin’ you could do something.”
How many times have the D12 wizards taken you to their forbidden world full of drugs and illegal stuff that are related to allday ghetto life? How many times have you felt like being guided by enchantors of a hidden and fantastic universe, the magical ‘313’?
Being a good rapper means being a lyrical master and a sound master as well. You gotta impress your public, you gotta show what your capable of. With his hidden powers, a battle MC will rip his adversary off before he has time to think about what happens to him.
Through his Slim Shady persona, Eminem has shown his hidden powers so many times. To quote Seamus Heaney, Eminem has ‘created a sense of what is possible’ through his powerful lyrics.
Those who have seen Eminem rapping on stage know how much he masters his art and appears as a powerful word wizard. The atmosphere is quite magical, because the mic is blessed by the greatest MC on the planet.
Other MC’s like the Detroit underground MC Lazarus are quite impressing too and they will show you their mastery of their art if you are willing to listen to them.
Rappers are the kings and the heros of a world that is usually despised by middle class and rich people. They have the power to make it appear in a new light with their magic wand: the mic. They will keep you in admiration in front of their verbal dexterity and their mental imagery. Their talent will make you envy them and wanna be language masters like them. Don’t be confused by the frequent use of some colorful words: it will make the text look spicier and make you feel the reality of a rapper’s magical world.

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